Plymouth Area News for the week of December 7th, 2015 by Joyce Steiner

Our sympathy to the family of Betty Ippensen who passed away on December 4th.  Betty attended the Living Faith United Methodist Church in Bowen and played the piano there.  She will be missed by friends and family.
Kevin and Carolyn Bullard have put up a lovely light display in the Plymouth Park.  You will want to drive around the Square and enjoy it during the holiday season.
Last Sunday we decorated the Living Faith United Methodist Church for the holidays.  It looks quite festive.  Thanks to those who helped decorate and a special thanks to those who brought food to feed the decorating crew.
Went to see Dot Burdett both last Sunday and today at Heartland in Macomb.  She seems to have stabilized and is content in her surroundings.
We had eight for Bible study on Thursday morning.  We welcomed Mary Ruth Phillips to our group and still have a couple of empty chairs if you would like to join us.  We meet at 9:30 am on Thursday morning at  my house.  Pat Phelps leads the study.  Thank You Pat.
Curt Eddington from the elevator in Augusta, called and asked about sending a lady to the B&B while she worked with the elevator crew.  Was delighted to have her here for two days and hopefully she will return.  Also had two hunters from Georgia here Thursday through Sunday morning.  They were hunting in the Augusta area.  As of Saturday night, they still had not bagged a deer.  All my hunters got deer during the first gun season.
Joined the Chosen Ones, a gospel music group from Manchester, for a bus trip to Branson on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Think this is the fourth time I have gone on this trip.  We pick up passengers at several stops and then drive across Missouri to Branson.  This is a great trip as the Chosen Ones are just such wonderful and uplifting people to be around.  Though I go by myself, there were two groups of three women who included me in activities and meals.  We did a lot of riding, a lot of eating and saw four shows.  Our first show was at the Moon River Theater, which you might recognize as the theater Andy Williams built and performed at.  The theater has now been sold to the Osmond Brothers who performed with the Lennon Sisters.  It was a great show despite the fact that I could not “take” the Lawrence Welk Show!  The Lennon Sisters have to be fairly old-my age? but they put on a great performance.  The second show was the Dutton Family Show.  Many of the shows at Branson are done by families.  The third was at the Clay Cooper Theater and and I think the name of the family was the Haygood Family.  The performers were five brothers and a sister.  It was a very high energy performance which included having performers come in on zip lines, great musical numbers, Ozark dance, light shows and more.  All three shows were very good.  On Wednesday we traveled to Forsyth, Missouri where the Chosen Ones and the Lester’s put on a show for us.  Both groups have performed in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.  A member from each group have a tiny baby girls who were traveling with their families.  They were beautiful and we never heard a cry from them.  For those of you who know the Lester’s, the baby is John’s daughter and John is the son of Brian.  For those of you who know the Chosen ones, the baby is Brady’s daughter.
When I got home, found out the antique store was not open Monday or Tuesday.  Am very sorry.  As a business person, I feel it is very important to be open the hours one advertises and we have been for over thirty years. 
The Plymouth American Legion had a soup supper on Saturday evening.  The soups were great.  They had chili, oyster, cheesy potato and more. 
Remember that Plymouth Pride is hosting the Second Saturday Breakfast at the Community Center on the east side of the Square from 7-10 am.  We will be serving biscuits and sausage gravy, sausage patties, eggs, potatoes, fresh fruit, grilled cinnamon rolls and beverages for a suggested donation of five dollars.  The money will be used to help repair the leaky roof.
Have a great week.  Pray for Peace.  Hope you are getting ready to welcome the Christ Child on Christmas.
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