Plymouth Area News for the week of November 30th, 2015 by Joyce Steiner

First, opportunities to eat.  The Plymouth American Legion will be sponsoring a soup, sandwich and dessert supper on Saturday, Dec 5th from 4-7 pm at the Legion Building on the west side of the Plymouth Square.  The cost will be a free will donation. Soups will include chili, oyster, vegetable and cheesy potato.  Every one is welcome to attend.  There will also be carry outs available.
Plymouth Pride will sponsor their Second Saturday Breakfast at the Community Center on the east side of the Plymouth Square on Saturday, December 12 from 7-10 am.  Breakfast will include biscuits and sausage gravy, sausage patties, eggs, potatoes, fresh fruit, grilled cinnamon rolls and beverages for a suggested donation of 5 dollars.  Proceeds will be used to repair the roof which currently leaks.
Have enjoyed watching quite a lot of Dancing With the Stars this fall.  For the most part, it was a great season.  Bindi Irwin won the mirror ball and she deserved to do so.  Her attitude was fresh and wonderfully friendly.  A great season.
Made a call to Citi bank about a credit card.  Was chatting with their representative and he wished me a good day and a Happy Thanksgiving.  I told him I hoped he was having a great day and he said that he had just come in about an hour ago at midnight.  Turned out I was talking to a man in India.  Find it interesting that Citi Bank would outsource even their phone calls.  Will be cancelling the card as soon as I get my refund check from them.  Probably, if I checked, all credit cards have the same “problem”.
Thursday was Thanksgiving.  Went to Industry to spend Thanksgiving with my niece, Marcella Hardin, my nephew Roger Steiner, his wife Rachelle and her twin sister Sara and Roger and Marcella’s mother , Ila Robb.  Great food and a good day.
Attended the auction at Sullivan and Son on Friday.  Really a nice lot of items there.  The sale was advertised as all from one family.  They had many nice things and I was able to buy some new items for the store, Plymouth Rock antiques.
On the way to church this morning I got up close and personal with a full grown eagle.  A large bird was sitting on the south lane of the road eating on some road kill.  Figured it was just a buzzard but it did not fly off as buzzards normally do.  As I came up to the bird I stopped as I was in the VW and having a huge bird fly up as I passed would not have been a good thing.  After I stopped, the eagle flew up over the windshield, not a foot from the car.  Certainly the closest I have ever been to an eagle.  Magnificent bird.
Took Prince William to the vet last week as he was not feeling well.  Got him home on Thursday and thought I gave him pills on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Friday and Saturday I fed him cheese, then a pill in cheese and then more cheese.  Sunday he was so weak that I was able to actually shove the pill down his throat.  So back he went to the vet on Monday morning.  Checked on him on Friday and they said he was OK but REALLY did not like to take his pills.  Well when I checked the floor, I found the two pills I thought he ate with the cheese!  Guess he ate the cheese and spit the pills out after I left.  Pretty smart cat as long as he did not understand that he was actually not going to get well without the medicine. 
Thanks to all the folks who shopped the store on Small Business Saturday.  It was appreciated!
Have a great week and Scatter Kindness to all.  Pray for Peace and for your neighbors.  Seems we have much illness in our community.
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