Plymouth Area News for the week of November 23rd, 2015 by Joyce Steiner

Had a nice young couple at Plymouth Rock Roost last week.  She worked at the Western Illinois Museum in Macomb.  They were eager to see the antique store and were fun to have as guests.
Needed to make fresh fruit for the Plymouth Pride breakfast and as I made it on Friday evening and it contained fresh apples which I did not want to turn brown, I poured a can of mountain dew over the fruit.  Worked great.  Added a bit of sparkle and the fruit did not brown even after several days.
Responded to an ad in the Lee and Hancock County Shopper for a person to clean gutters, do yard work, haul away trash and more.  Got the answering machine when I called the number.  When the gentleman returned my call, found out that he actually lived in Plymouth on South Charles.  Small world.  The phone number did not indicate a local call.
Wednesday evening Plymouth Women’s Circle met to prepare for the Bazaar on Saturday.  We got it all set up and enjoyed refreshments served by Judy Allen, Dixie Anderson and Marge Goodin.  Everyone signed a get well card for Judy Gordy.
Thursday I rushed Prince William to the vet as he was not feeling well.  The price of gasoline in Macomb was 1.98-good news for drivers.  My hunters also arrived on Thursday.  Mike Huering and his family have stayed at the B&B for 17 or more years for gun hunting season but they sold their hunting land so that opened up the B&B for a new group of hunters this year.  Had a full house.  Each gentleman got a deer so think they were very pleased.  Nice men.
Friday I went to Macomb to pick up Prince William and baked an angel food cake and two pecan pies for the Bazaar.  My hunters bought one of the pies before it made it out the door.  Thank You.
Also stopped to see Dot Burdett at Heartland this week, not a real good visit.  She seems very confused about some things but is often clear about others.  Guess there is likely to be some decline by 95 years of age.
Read that Irene Cookson passed away this week.  She was 103 years old.  Her family had lived in Plymouth and they were part of the Cookson Funeral Home.  Our sympathy to the family.
Saturday was the Plymouth Women’s Circle Bazaar.  We had a snow storm during the hours of the Bazaar.  We would like to thank everyone who made goodies for the Bazaar and thank all those who came out in the bad weather to support the efforts of the Women’s Circle.  The turn out was very good.  Thank You.
Sunday I headed for Vermont, IL to catch a ride with Ray and Kathy Goodell to East Peoria for a Collectors of Illinois Pottery and Stoneware Board meeting.  The meeting was held at the home of Chuck and Darlene McDaniel.  Lovely people, lovely home, good friends and good food.  It was really nice to have a day out of Plymouth where bickering and nastiness have gotten out of hand lately.
My hunters left on Sunday.  The house will seem empty tonight after having so many guests in the last couple of months.
Be kind to your neighbors.  We are all put here to help others, not to tear them down.  When malice is shown to others, it helps no one.  Small towns all struggle.  If this one is to survive, we must work together to keep the viable buildings and businesses which we have, however some buildings need to come down for the safety of the youngsters in our village.
Scatter Kindness.
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