Plymouth Area News for the week of November 16th, 2015 by Joyce Steiner

Monday I attended a meeting of the Adams Advisory Council.  These meetings are used to inform members of new things happening at Adams and to get feed back from members of the panel.  I have enjoyed being a part of this panel and have learned a lot.  Fortunately or unfortunately, one is only allowed to be on the council for two years and my term is over.  Eldon and Mary Lea Castlebury will take over for the next two years.  I am sure they will do a great job and I sincerely wish them the best on the council.  Thanks to Adams for the experience.
Tuesday Illinois Education Association Retired met at the Christian Church in Rushville.  Marty Hopp of Nauvoo gave the program on her experience with helping to decorate the White House in 2014.  Glenadene Webster is also a member of IEA-R and we enjoyed a great turkey dinner and the program.
Wednesday was Veteran’s Day.  I hope that each of you thanked and hugged a veteran!  We also had a pretty vicious storm.  I was standing at the kitchen sink during part of it and the wind was coming right through the window frame.  Eventually figured out that there was a rock in the window and that it was not completely closed.  Still the wind was very strong.  Had taken in my garbage can but the flowers which I had decorating the mail box stand blew away.  Hope there was no serious damage in the area.
Sullivan and Son had an auction on Friday.  As I love to go to their auctions and as the two ladies I have covering the store for me could not work on Friday, I asked Kayla McCurdy to cover for me.  Thanks to her for doing that and I hope that she had a good time working at Plymouth Rock Antiques.  I realize that one needs to love business as much as I do and that part of the job is talking with people which is not easy for everyone.  Thank you Kayla.
Saturday was the third Plymouth Pride breakfast.  It was great.  We added to the menu.  We served biscuits and sausage gravy, sausage, eggs to order, potatoes, fresh fruit, grilled cinnamon rolls and drinks.  We had a nice crowd and some very nice donations.  It was very rewarding to see people from Plymouth sitting down and visiting with each other.  Part of the goal of Plymouth Pride is to save the Community Center but another part of it is to give people the opportunity to gather and be a community.  We will be serving breakfast every Second Saturday at the Community Center on the east side of the square.  If you missed Saturday, then come in December.  We are still working on the menu and the amount of food to prepare.  Made a couple of trips to Augusta to Rhodes Market to pick up additional items during the breakfast. 
 On Saturday evening, November 21st we will be having dinner and a movie at the PCCC beginning at 6 pm.  Please join Plymouth Pride on Saturday.
After the breakfast, saw cars and trucks parked in front of the Community Center all day.  There are a few good people working long hours to renovate the center and make it more inviting.  The building currently needs a roof as the roof is leaking and it is very discouraging to put up new walls and ceilings and have them damaged by water.  We are planning to have a pizza business open in the two rooms on the east side of the south side of the first floor.  Plans are to remodel the rest of the room to have a kitchen, a dining area, a pool playing area and a place to visit.  I am looking forward to having a place to visit with friends and a place to make new friends here in Plymouth.
After church today, headed off to Quincy for lunch and some shopping.  Found that my current favorite author, Nora Roberts, has just written an new book so look forward to getting in some reading yet tonight.
The Plymouth Women’s Circle Bazaar will be Saturday, November 21st from 9-11 am at the PCCC.  Please come and shop for soup by the quart, home made candy, baked goods, sandwiches to go, crafts and more.
Have a great week.  Please pray for the people of Paris and for all those harmed by other people.  What a tragedy that we cannot respect the views of others and resort to trying to harm or kill those who with whom we disagree.  “Scatter Kindness” seems so simplistic in light of recent events.
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