Plymouth Area News for the week of November 9th, 2015 by Joyce Steiner

Diane Carl was near the Rhodes Mini Mart when she noticed a kitty with a corn can on its head.  She was able to catch the kitty but unable to get the can off and knew the kitty would not make it if the can could not be removed.  Eventually help arrived and together they were able to free the kitty.  A story with a happy ending.  The kitty was very happy to be released and Plymouth is lucky to have a live kitty to help control mice and rats.
I mentioned seeing Lawrence Kauffman at the Adams meeting and that we were friends from many years ago having both done farmer’s markets in Macomb.  Was sad to see that he passed away this week.  He lived just south of the cemetery in Augusta and was currently raising dogs.  Our sympathy to his friends and family.
Also learned that Grace Reuck passed away.  She was the mother of Vicki Powell, Sheri Shappell, Debbie Dowacter and Jacque Clements and the sister of Sterling Winters.  If I remember correctly, she baked wonderful pies and sometimes sent them back to the church when we took her dinners.  Our sympathy to the family.
We had a Plymouth Pride meeting on Monday evening to finalize the plans for the Second Saturday Breakfast to be held this Saturday from 7-10 am at the Community Center.  We will be expanding the menu by adding eggs to order, fresh fruit, grilled cinnamon rolls, potatoes, sausage patties and the usual biscuits and sausage gravy plus drinks.  Sounds to me like we all need to be at the Community Center on Saturday morning.
The cameras in the Plymouth Park are now operational.
Had a lady Amish driver stop in on Tuesday.  As she had to drive to Indiana during the night, she stayed at the B&B and slept during the day.  Nice lady.
Wednesday evening was the Plymouth Village Board meeting.
Friday and Saturday nights a soldier from North Carolina stayed at the B&B.  Very nice young man and a pleasure to have him here.  He was conduction training in Macomb over the weekend.  On Saturday evening also had another couple here who I know from 3rd Sunday Market.  They used to collect Peoria Pottery and sold it all and now their son is collecting Peoria so they came down to visit and go to Plymouth Rock Antiques to purchase two pieces of Peoria Pottery.
Since one should be busy, I also did a small show at the VFW on Saturday.  Several shoppers in the morning but pretty quiet afternoon.
Donna Clark had a good day at the antique store, so thanks go to her and all who stopped in on Saturday.
Sunday Jo Webster and I were greeters at Living Faith United Methodist church in Bowen.  Barb Clem gave the message and did a very good job speaking about Love.  Thanks Barb.  After church headed to Macomb to check on fruit for the Second Saturday breakfast and had lunch with Tom Weinberg and his sister, Mary Hohe.  Got home in time to mow more leaves.  I keep going over and over the same areas as the leaves are so thick but am making progress.
Remember that the Plymouth Women’s Bazaar is Saturday, November 21st at the PCCC from 9-11 am.
Hope you had a good week.  Pray for peace in the world and for healing for all those who are ill.  Scatter Kindness.
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