Plymouth Area News for the week of February 10th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Seems like it has been a long and sad week.  Carl Koehser passed away on Sunday, February 2nd in Quincy.  He and his wife Gladys were very important parts of our community.  They will be greatly missed.

Also on Sunday, Earl Allen of Plymouth passed away unexpectedly.  He owned and operated Allen’s Feed and Grain.

Both men served in the armed forces.  Both were well known and respected members of our community.  Our sympathy to their family and friends.

Talked to Wendi Mattson for a few minutes on Friday.  She was back in Illinois because they thought her mother, Dixie Anderson, had had a stroke.  Wendi said Dixie was not doing well and had been moved to Heartland in Macomb.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Saw geese flying in large flocks on Monday.  On Monday they were flying north.  Noted that the same thing was happening on Saturday, only they were headed South!  Interesting.

Hancock County Retired teachers will meet on March 9th at the Warsaw UMC at 11:30 am.  The program will be on scams.  For a reservation please call 309 313 3914.

At the regular monthly meeting of the Hancock County Democrats, Angel Smith from Quincy spoke.  She will be running against Randy Freese in the upcoming election.

Watched what was supposed to be the State of the Union Address.

Also watched the Democratic debate on Friday evening.  I was impressed with Mayor Pete, Amy and Elizabeth Warren.  I think any of these would be good presidential candidates with the other running as VP.

Noticed that the average low temperature has now risen from 18 degrees to 21 degrees.  That is a turn in the right direction for me.

The Plymouth Village Board met on Wednesday evening.  All members wee present.  There was a lot of productive discussion.  Work is continuing on the drainage problem on the south side of town.  New specifications for the back hoe were discussed with the town now being approved for a 50,000 grant to help pay for the back hoe.  A revised water ordinance was approved.  This increases the deposit to 150 dollars. Every person in the audience encouraged the Board to hire a policeman for Plymouth.  Many comments centered around the drug problems in Plymouth.  There had been two applications for the position thus far and Lisa Fundel and Ernie Diseron were to interview the candidates with the help of either Brad Cludray or Harry Douglas, both former peace officers.  The Metzger Board offered a sizable amount of money to help the Village hire a police officer.

According to some comments from the Metzger Board at the meeting, it would seem that the Metzger Board has decided not to pursue a grant that would have had an engineering study for the village to make a long term plan for improvements.  The grant would also have been for lighting and sidewalks for the town.  I firmly believe we need to have a long term plan in place before improvements are started.  Without a comprehensive plan, work done piecemeal may later need to be torn out and money wasted.

The Old School Marketplace in New London has been advertising on TV so I drove to New London on Monday, my day off.  The sign on the door says “closed Monday and Tuesday”.  Hum… did have lunch at the former Golden Corral in Hannibal.  It used to be a great place to eat-not so much now.

Saturday there was a lovely full moon.  Hope you got to see it.

Glassware is not selling well at the moment.  Saw a post on face book suggesting using a vase and placing a bowl overturned on the vase to make a glass “mushroom” for your garden.  They were quite cute.  Think I will try that idea this spring.  Have plenty of glass to use!

Have a good week.  Please pray for your friends, neighbors and our county.  Scatter Kindness.


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