Plymouth Area News for the week of February 3rd, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


Our sympathy to the family of Gary Kendall who passed on Friday of last week.  The Kendall family lived in one of the two large stone houses built by the Monk brothers in Plymouth.  They then moved out West and back to Macomb.

Mark your calendars for the Old Settler’s Soup and potato bar supper to be held on Saturday, February 22nd from 4:30 to 7 pm at the PCCC.  Donations are $7 for the meal.  Soup for carry out may also be purchased for $5 per quart.

Speaking of the PCCC, you may reserve the former Methodist Church building for any type gathering by calling Joyce Steiner at 309 333 7778.  Since the building and the antique store are adjacent to each other, this should be convenient.  You may pick up the key from the antique store.

Have been trying to get to Homestyle foods for a while.  Finally made it on Monday.  The store is just a bit north of Kellerville.  They have a wonderful variety of bulk foods and spices.  Also have freezers and coolers so one can purchase meats, cheeses etc.  What I really like are the bulk spices.  You can even pick up powdered cheese and all types of baking supplies.

Often when I wake up, I watch the Today Show for a while.  This week they had a segment on people teaching girls/ women to like math.  Guess I must have been way ahead of my time as I majored in physics and math many years ago and taught it for 23 years.  Hopefully I set an example that girls as well as boys could succeed in math and science.  Guess females were the exception back then as there were 100 physics majors and two of us were female.  My advisor went so far as to tell me that I was taking up a seat that a more deserving male could use!  Don’t think that would go over well today.

Tuesday was also the anniversary of the Challenger disaster.  It was a sad day in my physics classes.

Thursday evening as I approached the railroad track in Plymouth was stopped by a train with seven engines.  Yes seven and all at the front of the train.  Have never seen that many engines on one train before.

The solar panels at Living Faith are in place and producing energy for the church.  Great news.

Took another trip to the Good Hope area today to look at the wind turbines.  They are so impressive.  Most looked to be complete but there is at least one still under construction.  I think they will soon be on line.  I drove the whole wind farm today.  It is a large area and all the wind generators are not in a small area but are quite spread out.  Some are grouped, others not.  Can’t wait for them to start working.  West central Illinois has joined the renewable energy future.  Good for the planet.

Many of you know Mike Rayson, a former Methodist pastor from Australia.  Through his facebook page, I found a photographer from Australia who does beautiful photographs of his country.  If you would like to see them you may follow him on Instagram at  Since I doubt that I will ever go to Australia, it is a good way to get a glimpse of the country.  The first series were photos showing new life after the devastating fires.

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather today, Sunday.  Though Super Bowl was on all day, I opted to drive to the wind farm instead of watching TV.  Did watch the game however amid short naps!

Have a great week.  Hope that Phil was correct about an early spring.  I am ready!  Scatter Kindness.



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