Plymouth Area News for the week of January 27th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


OK just go buy a “pillow pet”.  Though the hang tag says for ages 0 through 100, I see no reason to toss it just because one reaches one hundred.  In the summer, I mow, weed flowers, garden, sit on the porch etc.  In the winter, I read and watch Hallmark movies.  As I live in a large house, it is more cozy to watch TV and read in the bedroom.  Have you ever tried to read in bed?  You just can’t get comfortable.  No matter how many pillows you put behind your back, your head still hits the head board.  And then have you tried to get comfortable to watch TV on your bed.  Well this week, I found the solution to both problems-a pillow pet.  If you don’t know what that is, it is a rather large furry animal which can be unsnapped to make into a pillow or leave closed to be an animal.   Now my head does not hit the headboard when I read and I can use the animal to lean against when I watch TV.  Besides that, they are just cute and soft!

Often get the “Choice” at the post office.  Last week, I noted that two friends had passed.  In the early eighties, Don Morris and a crew completely remodeled the bank building which is now Plymouth Rock Antiques first building.  That building was falling down when we came to Plymouth but we wanted to save the building.  Don Morris did all that work.

Also noted that Jan Flickenger had passed.  He used to be a good customer.

As we have had so much bad weather and ice, it has been especially important to feed the birds and squirrels.  Thanks again to Carl Knight who cut my big soft maple and made a feeding platform from the trunk.   It is working well.  Only problem is that I think a coon keeps carrying off my suet feeders.  Anyway, I have a heated water bowl, think heated animal water pan from Farm King or Farm and Home, a suet feeder, a spike for an ear of corn and containers for sunflower or seeds.  One day there were six squirrels there.  Tonight there were some cardinals working the feeding station.  As I can see it from my kitchen window, that is also nice.

Eating is also important to me as you know if you are reading this.  I love to try new recipes and tried one with blue berries this week.  It was sort of like a blueberry pancake kind of thing.  It was awful.  Ate it anyway as I had used a whole pint of blueberries in it.  What is always good and I eat a lot of is fresh salad.  I use “spring mix” from Aldi’s, a green onion chopped, a tomato chopped, half an avocado chopped and crush a few cheese flavored tortilla chips or chow mien noodles for crunch. Add your favorite dressing and you have a very healthy side dish. If you are a real carnivore and want to use this as a meal, you can add chicken, tuna or ham.

Had lunch in Augusta today at Rusty Red’s Farm Table.  Enjoy their large round tables because one does not need to sit alone in a booth or at a small table.  Good way to talk with friends or meet new people and the food is good.

Kyle Kelso had an auction on Saturday near Bushnell.  I left early because I did not know how the smaller roads would be. Got there OK but parking was a problem as usual.  Much of the parking area was not cleared or had racks parked in parking spaces.  Parked on the roadside a ways from the auction house but was able to move the van next to the building to load.  Got a very nice grain painted jelly cupboard, a small blue painted cupboard and some smalls for the store.  Always good to go to auctions and see friends.

Have a good week.  Noticed one evening that the average low temperature had risen to 19 from the usual 18.  Don’t know if that was a one time thing or if we are gradually moving toward spring.  Scatter Kindness.

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