Plymouth Area News for the week of January 20th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


Went to Carthage on Monday to buy some antiques from a family that was moving.  Since there are few auctions now, I am trying to buy more privately for the store.  Since I was already in Carthage, decided to go on to Keokuk and eat and check out the antique mall there.  Great lunch at Peking Buffet.  It really seems to have good food the times I have visited.

Also heard on Monday that John Sullivan had resigned his state post.  Was very sorry to hear that.  John Sullivan is a good person and I am sure he was doing a great job.  Who among us reads ALL of our forwarded emails.  So sorry this happened, not only for John but for the good of our farmers in Illinois.

Linda Bramkamp is remodeling her home east of Plymouth due to water damage.  On Tuesday, she and the whole remodel crew stopped by the antiques store.  Understand the remodel is going well.

Though I do not watch Jeopardy, I was able to watch the Greatest of All Time Jeopardy shows since they were held in the evening.  Boy when ever I think I might have somewhat of brain all I need to do is watch that show.  I think I knew the answer to five questions for all three nights!  Was delighted that Ken Jennings came out the winner.  He seemed often not sure of his answers but was always correct.  Just cannot imagine having all that knowledge in ones’ mind!

Ruth Walton of Plymouth passed away on Monday. Her son and wife from Danvers stayed with me for the visitation and funeral.  Was such bad weather that I worried about everyone who was traveling for the events.  Our sympathy to her family and friends.

Doc Wittler  passed away on January 14th.  He is the uncle of Donna Harrison.  Sorry to hear.

Was called to open the store early on Wednesday.  Am always happy to do that if I am in town.  Also got a call on Monday to open but I explained I was in Keokuk and could not open for them.  Hope they come back during store hours.

The big news this week has been the weather.  Friday it snowed, then it sleeted then it rained and then it froze.  What a mess.  Sunday one cannot safely walk anywhere.  The ice is a good inch thick.  Took a steel tipped walking stick with me and went to the store to feed the ferals today.  It was not fun but they told me just how much they appreciated the lunch.  Knew it was going to get cold so put out an insulated cooler for a kitty house.  Do not think that any one of them has gotten the idea as yet.  To bad as the insulated cooler should make a good sleeping place with fresh dry straw in it.

Was delighted to have two Amish ladies in the store on Friday.  The streets were so bad that I had not expected customers.  Really glad to see them.

While out feeding the ferals, also checked the bird feeders and water bowls.  Saw very few birds.  It may be too cold for them too.  There were a group of Juncos, a blue jay, a cardinal and a woodpecker who braved the cold to eat.

Feel so sorry for the farmers who must tend their livestock in this weather.  Would not be fun to be an animal trying to get around on the ice either.

I try to remember that winter only has February and March to go.  Hopefully spring will soon be here-I am ready.

Living Faith and many other churches cancelled services today.  Think that was a very wise decision.  The icy roads and sidewalks are very dangerous.

Please look out for your neighbors.  It would be so easy for someone to fall on this ice and to not be found for a while.  Scatter Kindness.


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