Plymouth Area News for the week of January 13, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


While we have been catching up on year end comments and wishes, three people from our communities have passed.  Our sympathy to the family and friends of Clyde Bostic of Plymouth who passed two days before Christmas, Joe Benjamin of Bowen who passed on January 6th and Wally Griswold who passed on Tuesday.  So sorry for the sad news.

Since Sullivan and Son Auctions discontinued, there are few auctions in our community.  However I managed to attend two this past week.  First there was  New Year’s Day auction in Keokuk by Bluegrass Auctions.  Prices were very strong but I  get a few things.  One was a lovely leaded glass window which sold yesterday.  Attended the Kelso Auction in Carthage on Saturday and got some really nice quilts.  I especially love one with a white back ground which has beautiful red appliqued flowers on it. Also got three antique blue and white quilts.  Also got some good primitives for the store.  Think I have them all cleaned and priced by now.  Have also been soaking and ironing lots of pillowcases and linens for the store.  Love handdone pillow cases.  People just don’t spend the time needed for these projects any more.  Also bought a load of chairs.  Not like I needed more chairs to cane but there were some really great walnut Victorian chair sets and I could just not, not bring them home.  Some need caning and some are ready to go home with you now.

Wednesday was the monthly Plymouth Village Board meeting.  I cannot express just how pleased I am with the present conduct of the Board members.  Each of them spoke freely at the meeting trying to solve problems for the village.  There is a drainage issue on the south side of town and a lot of discussion centered around trying to fix this problem.  There was also a lot of discussion about police protection in Plymouth.  Seems that we had no officers on duty most of December.  The Board voted unanimously to run ads looking for either full time or more part time police for the Village.  Seems to me that a retired state police person, former sheriff’s person or someone of that type would be perfect for Plymouth.  Perhaps a young person who has finished training and wants to get started would also be a good fit.  Every single person who had a public comment, wanted to keep police protection for our hometown.  Lisa Fundel reported that a large grant had been obtained to allow Plymouth to purchase a new back hoe.  Other grants will be pursued to help revitalize Plymouth as well as using some money from the Metzger Trust.

Saturday evening while ironing those textiles I mentioned, the power flickered twice then went off.  Plymouth was without power for about two hours from 7 to 9 pm.  Texted a friend in Bowen and Bowen was also without power as was Augusta.  Don’t know the cause because my TVs also went out.  We did not have enough ice to cause problems in our area but perhaps the fault lay further south where the storm was more severe.  I did get two calls from Ameren telling me that a neighbor had called and that they did not know when power would be restored and then later that power had been restored.  Was thankful for the calls from Ameren.  Hope they continue that service.  On the same line of thought, called Adams on Sunday afternoon.  The gentleman on the other end of the phone line told me what to do, unplug the cable box, and then he took care of rebooting the system from his end.  So glad they were able to help without actually having to come to the house.  I feel we get great service from Adams.

Wanted to make some vegetable soup and did not have cabbage so made a quick trip to Rhodes market.  The store looks great.  They have added freezers and coolers, the store is arranged nicely and they have added services  like rotisserie chicken.  So nice to have a local grocery in our communities.

Hope that the New Year is off to a good start for all.  Please remember to pray for your neighbors- there are so many losses and health issues.  Also pray for our country and its leaders.

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