Plymouth Area News for the week of February 1st, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Know what the good thing about having an average low temperature of 19 degrees is?  Well it is simple-the average low temperature has been 18 degrees for quite a while and now it is 19 degrees.  Means the average low is starting to go back up which means we are passed the low point of winter and are headed for spring!
Thursday an Amish gentleman and his driver stopped by the store.  The driver loved my store and kept finding things he needed to take home with him.  Good sale-glad they stopped.  They were from Labelle, Missouri.  Don’t think I have had any other Amish visit from that community.
Sullivan’s had an auction on Friday so I got up early to go to the auction.  Had the reward of seeing a very beautiful sun rise.  Lots of pinks in the eastern sky.  Got a few things for the store. 
I have a visa, master card terminal at my house which I use for the B&B and for the store.  It has the ability to take chip cards but when I would put one in it, it would say “please remove card” so I knew that it needed to be programmed.  Got everything done in good time on Friday evening so called the company to see if I could get that done.  Turned out to be a really good experience.  The tec was in Louisville so I could actually understand his language.  I quickly explained my age and that I was not a computer “expert” to him.  That did not phase him and I have never worked with anyone more patient.  I think it took close to an hour to program my card processer.  During that time we did a lot of talking about other things while we waited for up dates.  He was 30 and not sure what he wanted to do with his life.  As he was so very patient, I suggested medicine or teaching.  He mentioned that he had considered teaching in the lower grades.  I encouraged him as there is a great need for males to teach in the lower grades and to be role models for younger children.  He said that I did really well and that I did much better than most of the people he worked with.  Guess that means that I can listen and follow instructions.   I should now be able to process chip cards which is important as I could be liable in case there was a problem with a swiped card.
Saturday Sullivan and Son had a great antiques auction.  Headed out early and found many things that I could use for the store.  Actually bought four pieces of furniture as well as smalls.  Love Sullivan and Son Auction-they are such great guys!  Good day.
Sunday evening the Plymouth American Legion had a sandwich, baked potato bar and desserts.  It started at 4:30 so I went up about 5:30.  They had a good crowd.  Glad that the evening worked out for them as usually suppers are not held on Sunday evening.  I thought it was a good idea as normally there are not many events on a Sunday evening.  Great cinnamon rolls Colette.
Tomorrow February begins.  Another step closer to spring.  I have daffodils coming up.  Think they will probably get their tender shoots frozen.  Also have a lovely trumpet flower blooming in my garage.  Took some photos of it and posted them to face book.
Plan now to attend the Plymouth Pride Second Saturday Breakfast.  The Second Saturday is February 13th.  It will begin at 7 am at the Community Center on the east side of the Plymouth Square.
Pray for your friends and neighbors.  Scatter Kindness.
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