Plymouth Area News for the week of January 25th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Seems like more than just a week ago that we learned of the passing of Mike Clem and Stan Shelton.  Mike’s wife Barb attends Living Faith United Methodist Church.  We are so sorry to learn of Mike’s passing.  Was able to attend the visitation which was held at the funeral home in Carthage on Friday evening.  Baked pies for the funeral dinner and took them to the church also on Friday evening.  Understand there was a large group for the funeral dinner held at our church.  Barb gave such a nice thank you at church today.  Our prayers are with Barb Clem and all her family and Mike’s friends during this time of loss.
Stan Shelton attended Central of Camp Point.  He also came to and lived in Plymouth for some time.  I remember him well and know that he did some home repair work while he was here.  Our sympathy to his family also.
KD’s Coop was featured in the Sunday Quincy Herald Whig.  Hope the new owners of the restaurant have great success.  All small towns need a local restaurant.
The American Legion is sponsoring a supper on Sunday, January 31st.  The meal will feature baked potatoes, toppings, made rights, hot dogs, dessert and beverages.  Carry outs will  be available.  There will be a free will donation for the meal which will be served at the Legion Building on the West side of the Plymouth Square.  The meal will begin at 4 pm.  Please come out and support this great group.
On Tuesday the predicted storm just turned out to be a lovely snow.  There was no rain under it and there was about 3 inches of fluffy light snow.  If we have snow, that was exactly the way it should be. 
Thursday the last installment of our Christmas Bible study was completed.  There were nine of us gathered around my dining room table.  Pat Phelps lead the study and we will begin an Easter study on Thursday, February 11th.  We meet at 9:30 am.  Mimi Lawton and Joyce Steiner were hostesses.  I fixed lunch for every one and Mimi brought dessert.  Thanks every one for being a part of this group.
Thursday was a learning experience for me.  We should learn something new every day though this lesson could have been easily done without.  I have things in my home garage that are for sale.  Had two ladies from Petersburg who wanted to look at windows and doors so I took them to my garage.  The automatic opener would not work so I lifted the garage door by hand.  I was putting the garage door down by hand  from the outside and placed my fingers in the crack between the panels because there is no where else to shove the door down.  I have two pretty well smashed finger tips.  Luckily one cannot get their fingers too deep in that crack between the panels.  Lesson-do not put your fingers in between the door panels when closing the door!
What would you do if you had an event and many, many more people came than you expected?  Kyle Kelso had that problem at his auction on Saturday.  His auction house is in the former Bricker Auction building near Bushnell.  He is a very likeable young man who also works with Mike and Will Sullivan.  All the “stars must have aligned” so that everyone went to his auction on Saturday.  I got there about a half hour early and had trouble finding a place to park but had no idea what I would find inside.  The building was absolutely packed with people.  There was a line snaking  thorough the entire building just to get a bidding number.  There were lines for the bath room, lines for food and no way to get near enough to the tables to see what was being sold.  Luckily Mike and Will Sullivan had come to the auction to see if Kyle needed help.  They helped pass out numbers and called part of the auction.  Two porta potties were delivered during the auction.  The Church people in charge of food were constantly bringing in more food.  Every one remained good natured about the situation.  Many items were bringing far above their value which was very good for the seller.  I only got to stay for the first part of the auction as I started getting calls early that my store was not open.  Though I had hired an employee to cover the store, she did not come in or call.  One gentleman drove all the way from Bloomington to pick up a book.  All I could do was apologize and tell him that I would mail it to him.  Left the auction and called Kayla McCurdy to please open the store until I could get there.  Had a lot of customers after I returned but know of another customer who also came to pick up things while the store was not open.  Being a small business owner can be very rewarding because one is doing what they love, it can also be very frustrating.
Thanks to Pastor Dave who brought fresh fruit to go with the donuts our Church has on Sunday mornings.  The fruit was very much appreciated.
Have a great week.  Enjoy the warmer weather.  Keep your friends and neighbors in your prayers as there is a lot of need for healing and support.  Scatter Kindness.
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