Plymouth Area News for the week of January 18th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

At Christmas I bought a digital weather station for one of my great nephews.  It looked so interesting that I went back and bought one for me.  I put it up between the windows in my bed room.  It gives the outdoor temperature via a separate device on the front porch which sends it to the main unit.  It also gives air pressure and indicates whether it is rising or falling, indoor temperature, time,  and has visuals for sunny, snow, moon phases, cloudy etc.  I love it!!  What I have discovered thus far that several times the low temperature is reached about midnight then it begins to rise.  Hope that is true of tonight as well as it is to be below zero.  When it is below zero, there is a minus in front of the temperature.  It has the temperature to tenths of a degree and this morning I thought it was 8.4 degrees.  When I put on my glasses, it was actually 0.4.  Saw the same weather stations at Menard’s last week for twice what I paid for mine.
Monday evening there was a phone call from my back porch.  There is a note on my back porch with the number as my door bell does not always work well.  Anyway I went down to see who it was.  I was very surprised to find a gentleman from a poultry store trying to deliver poultry to my home.  He asked if this was Ma and Pa’s?  Hum…Well no.  Thought maybe I had changed the name of my business.  Well a bit strange since I have a bed and breakfast and have never served chicken for breakfast since 1988.  Any way I tried to call the owners of the café but with no success and they are not open on Monday evening.  Really a strange happening.
On Tuesday the gentleman who owned the grocery store in Plymouth for a while in the 80’s called me.  He called himself Bill but that was not his original name as he was from India or Pakistan I think.  He asked if the flower shop near me was still open.  Really have no idea why he  called.  Wondered if he or some of his family were calling as a result of the mini mart being for sale but that never came up in the conversation.
Thursday Bible study resumed.  We had a good crowd.  This week ends our Christmas study but a new Easter study will begin soon.  Not only does Pat Phelps teach the study but she also brought refreshments this week.  Thank You Pat.
The store had been pretty slow this week so on Friday I began to cane a chair.  Saturday I had lots of people at the store and had a good day.  Thanks to all who shop Plymouth Rock Antiques.  Was glad to not get much caning done on Saturday.
Sunday was Church as usual.  We had a meeting about children’s church, then counted the offering and finished taking down the Christmas decoration.  Will miss the lovely tree and pretty Christmas flowers.  After church went to Macomb to see Dot Burdett and buy some groceries and animal and bird food.  Just filled 4 bird feeders, 2 squirrel feeders and put ear corn on the tree.  Also have 2 woodpecker cakes on the trees and heated water bowls out for the birds and other wildlife.
Stopped by the Community Center to see How Dylan McCurdy and Zach Evans were coming on the pizza place.  They were putting up dry wall and had everything out of the two rooms where Plymouth Pride Pizza will be located.  May just have named it for them or this may not be the final name, anyway it is coming right along.
Have a great week.  Pray for those that are sick and for their families.  Take care of your pets and your self during this very cold snap.  Scatter Kindness.
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