Plymouth Area News for the week of Jan. 11th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

First I would like to thank every one who came to Plymouth Pride’s Second Saturday breakfast on Jan. 9th.  We had a good turnout.  Also thanks to everyone who helped out.  We even had a working bathroom with a door!  Am anxious to have two bathrooms and a new kitchen area.  Remember we will have breakfast every Second Saturday.  Come and help us preserve one of the most important buildings on Plymouths Square.
On Monday I had a good day at the store-Plymouth Rock Antiques.  Actually January has been very strong and January is just getting started.  Thanks to everyone who comes to shop.
On Tuesday I had three people in the antique store.  All were from Monmouth and they did not come together.  Most of my shoppers are from out of town though I am not sure why that is.
Wednesday was the Plymouth Village Board meeting.  We seem to have a good board who are intent on helping Plymouth.  Nice to have a good working relationship among the members of the board.  Currently they are working on getting the water tower painted-it has been many years since that was done.  The board is also looking into all town garbage pick up as I believe our contract is up with the current hauler..  We currently have all town pick up as it is much cheaper than having each individual have to contract with a hauler.
Mike Clem is in the hospital in Peoria and would appreciate cards from his friends.  His address is Mike Clem, room 1710, 530 NE Glen Oak Drive, Peoria, IL 61637.  Please keep Mike and his family in your prayers.
Friday I planned to go to Quincy to stock up my antique mall booth but my employee did not return my call so had to leave an hour early as I worked the store.  Got to Quincy and got a few new things in my booth before Sullivan’s Antiques and More closed for the day.  Also got a few groceries and dinner while in Quincy.
Saturday was the Plymouth Pride Breakfast.  It began snowing just as the breakfast ended so I was sure that no one would venture out to shop the store and Saturday afternoon but I was wrong.  Got a call before 11 am that a customer was at the store asking me to open early.  Was glad to do that and she turned out to be a member of the Collectors of Illinois Pottery and Stoneware Club that I am on the board for.  She  found two Buckeye crocks for her collection as well as two books on stoneware.
Saturday night was supposed to get down to 7 degrees but my new digital weather station said it was -1.7 degrees when I got up on Sunday morning.  Was glad that I had been able to move the Royal Family into their winter home on Saturday night.  They seem quite happy there and were all snuggled down in an old fish pond which is full of straw and blankets for their bed.
Headed to church on Sunday despite the low temperature and some icy roads.  Were not very many who ventured out.  I am sure the country roads were not very clear as the highway was not clear either early Sunday.
Living Faith United Methodist Church has had a Thanksgiving dinner for those in our communities for several years.  This year we did not have it as our pastor had recently changed.  Tammy Bigley is planning to have a “Thanksgiving” dinner in February instead.  These dinners were especially for individuals in our communities who have little or no family and who might have to eat alone or possibly not have a Thanksgiving dinner at all.  If you are interested in being included in February, please let me know and I will pass along your name.
Hope you will be able to put out some bird and squirrel food for our friends during the cold and snowy snap.  I filled feeders, put out more ear corn and made sure the electric dog bowls (kitty and bird waterers) were working. 
Have a good week and a good new year.  Remember each new day and each new year is a chance to start over if need be.
Scatter Kindness.
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