Plymouth Area News for the week of January 4th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Have been seeing four eagles near Colmar.  One of them is a juvenile and still has its speckled feathers, the others are adults.  Have seen them two times now eating road kill or a deer in a field.  Hope they stay around for the winter.
Well 2016 is here.  Hope you had a good holiday-both Christmas and New Years.
My family was here for Christmas.  We had eleven for the Christmas feast.  The garbage man got a huge sack of ripped wrapping paper Saturday.  Should I say that I remember when we smoothed it and used it again the next year.  Our society has changed so much and we now toss far too many things in the trash which could be recycled.  I do take all my recyclables to Quincy but I know that is not practical for every one.
Opened the antique store on New Year’s Day to see if anyone wanted to shop.  As I had no customers by 2:30, decided to go see the latest Star Wars movie.  Liked it very much.  Remember the first three and it was interesting to see how every one had aged.  Princess Lea had changed her hair and Luke was only in the last scene but several of the other characters were also back.
Saturday Sullivan and Son had a great auction.  Many of the members of the Collectors of Illinois Pottery and Stoneware were there.  The room had tables and chairs set up and the room was full.  Good crowd.  One of the most interesting items on the auction was a horse drawn hearse in perfect condition.  Could not think of a practical use for it so did not bid but I thought it went for a very reasonable price.  I bought a really heavy chimney cap from Colchester which is still in my van as I have not figured how to get it out without dropping it.  Maybe I can sneak up on some help this week if I do not tell them what I need help with.
It is time for Plymouth Pride’s Second Saturday Breakfast again.  The breakfast will be Saturday, January 9th from 7-10 am at the Plymouth Community Center located on the east side of the Plymouth, IL Square.  We will be serving sausage gravy and biscuits, meat, eggs, potatoes, grilled cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit and drinks for a suggested donation of five dollars.  Donations will be used to help repair the roof of the center which is leaking.  Hope to see everyone there.
One of my friends said she was tossing everything she has not used for 6 months.  Sounds like a great idea and I got briefly motivated to clean house.  Hopefully the feeling will soon pass!
Hope each of you has good health, happiness (remember we are normally about as happy as we decide to be) and a reasonable amount of prosperity in the New Year.  Scatter Kindness.
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