Plymouth Area News for the week of February 23rd, 2015

A reminder that the West Point Firemen will be having their annual soup supper and silent auction on Saturday, March 7th from 5-7 pm at the Sullivan and Son Auction and Events Center.
Monday morning there was low water pressure. Of course thinking it was something in my house, dressed and rushed to the basement to find that everything was OK. Think it turned out that something had frozen at the water plant. Thank you Tedd Simmons for the great job you do for Plymouth’s water system.
If you come in to the antique shop, you know I have had a really cute rocking rabbit. He finally found a forever home this week.
Aldi’s has been having egg plant for sale. Used to scallop it with eggs and crackers etc. Ventured out to quick baking it just with seasoning. Tried cutting it into strips, coating it with egg and crumbs and baking it this week That was OK hot but pretty bad warmed up. Will have to keep trying to find new ways to fix it. Any suggestions which I can share in this column?
Pat Phelps began teaching a new Bible study at my home on Thursday morning. It meets at 9:30 am and all are welcome to attend. There were nine present on Thursday.
Had B&B guests on Thursday evening. They helped me remember just why I do this. They were lovely people. Had never been to a B&B before. Loved Prince Harry. I have a Garfield puzzle out on a table for guests and the lady finished putting the puzzle together. Evidentially Prince Harry ate one piece of the puzzle as one piece is gone and the puzzle was new when I opened it.
Attended the Hancock County Historic Society meeting at the senior center in Carthage on Saturday evening. There was a large crowd there to hear about the Lincoln family in Hancock County. Believe the speakers name was Larry Miller. Please forgive me if this is not correct. He talked mostly about Thomas Jefferson Lincoln who was a cousin of Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln had visited with this family in Hancock County. There is a Lincoln cemetery near Fountain Green which I have mentioned before in this column. Some of the Lincoln’s are also buried in the Majorville cemetery which is not too far from the Friendship neighborhood where I grew up.
Went to Quincy on Friday to stock up my antique mall booth. The owner told me that the building had been sold and that the mall would be moving. Ugh.. Have lots of stuff in there and will be a job to move it all. Friends with trucks, please be forewarned!
Also went to the Chinese buffet for lunch. My fortune cookie says “A new relationship is about to blossom. You will be blessed.” Am looking forward to that!
Read a devotional book of Disciplines every day. This week at the end of the lesson was this idea. “We have a relationship with God, with others, with ourselves and with the natural world.” These are in order of importance. There is only one God and He should be of primary importance in our lives. Jesus said that we should also love our neighbors as ourselves. We need to figure out who we are and get our selves together so that we can love others and our earth. We need to respect and protect our earth because we only have one home. We also need to care for the others on our earth such as animals, trees, plants, water, birds, butterflies and more.
I agree with this. I also feel that we should make every attempt to responsible for our selves.
Have a great week. “Do good, do no harm, stay in love with God.”

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