Plymouth Area News for the week of March 2nd, 2015

The Plymouth Women’s Circle will be serving a chicken and noodle dinner at the PCCC on Saturday March 14 from 4:30-7:00 pm.  Chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes, green beans, homemade desserts and more will be served for a 5 dollar donation.  Chicken and noodles by the quart will also be available.  Please plan to attend.
Terry and Chris Long are planning for the spring.  They are planning to have both vegetable and flower plants for sale in their green houses.  Their greenhouses are located directly west of the PCCC.  If you would like to make any suggestions for plants or flowers which you would like for them to carry, give Chris a call at 309 458 3356 or her cell 309 333 7545.
Ruth Danielson would like me to remind everyone that there will be a World Day of Prayer celebration on Friday, March 6th at 1:30 pm at the Hills Grove United Methodist Church which is located south of the Tennessee junction of 336 and Il 61.
On Sunday evening Dennis and Carol Rankin, Jo Webster and I traveled to Quincy for the Emmaus closing ceremony and to pick up Lisa Herman from the weekend.  We then took Lisa out to eat while in Quincy.  The Emmaus group at Living Faith is still growing.  If you would like to attend an Emmaus weekend or know more about it, just ask any of our group or Pastor Bruce.
Lots of finches and woodpeckers at the feeders again this week.  Think the snow brings them in to the feeders.
Bible study continues on Wednesday evenings at the Methodist parsonage in Bowen,  Even though the weather was not good, we were all there.  We are currently studying the letters of Paul in the New Testament.  Very interesting study.
Our sympathy to the family of Jeff Frakes who passed away on Sunday, February 22nd.
The funeral for Jim Spencer was held at the Living Faith United Methodist Church on Saturday, February 28th.  The services were conducted by Pastor Bruce Weiman.  A large contingent of motorcycle riders were there to honor Jim who was a veteran.  Our sympathy to his family.
Dylan McCurdy has been busy clearing drives and sidewalks as the snow just does not seem to have the good sense to quit.  A large thank you to Dylan and Tedd Simmons for the great job they do clearing snow.  Did not know if I could get to church on Sunday because I have trouble getting out of my drive and even more getting back up my drive when it snows.  Saturday there was barely an inch of snow but there was ice under it and I had to scrape and sand the drive to get into the garage.  Got up early Sunday and walked up town.  Streets looked pretty bad.  Sat behind the garage for a while deciding whether to call and say I could not get out or try to go to church.  At the time I needed to leave, Tedd came by with the snow plow.  When I got home, Dylan had cleared my drive.  Thanks.  After church, six of us went to the Bowen Café for lunch.
Friday evening our Emmaus group met at 7 pm at my house.  We welcomed Lisa Herman to our group.  Carol Rankin was hostess.
Aldi’s had two carts of red velvet cake mixes for sale for 25 cents this week.  Just finished a large chunk of hot red velvet cake!
Infobahn Outfitters and Media 309 have decided not to continue to host web sites.  This meant a scramble to find a new host for my site  Looked into two other hosting sites and decided to keep my money in Hancock County.  Am going with nugget web which is located in Warsaw.  Have communicated with them several times this week though we have not switched the site over as yet.  You will remember that I am also buying my bird food at the Augusta Elevator to shop at home when possible.
Just finished the book “Orphan Train” which I decided to read after the Hancock County Historic Society had a program on the orphan trains.  It was an interesting book but when I finished it and read about the book, found that it was fiction.  The trains ran from 1854 to 1929 and there were 250,000 children who rode them to new homes.  Seems like there would have been a real story from one of those 250,000 children.  There is a National Orphan Train museum in Concordia, Kansas.
Have a great week.  Pray for spring!
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