Plymouth Area News for the week of February 24th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


First our sympathy to the family of Dixie Anderson.  Dixie and her husband Wendell lived in Plymouth and she was a member of our Plymouth Women’s Circle.  She passed away on Sunday, February 16th in Macomb, IL.  Visitation was at the PCCC on Saturday morning with burial in the Plymouth cemetery.  She was a lovely lady and she will be missed.  Pastor Sheri Renner officiated at the burial services.

Took Victor, Victorian and Prince Harry for their annual checkups on Monday.  I had read in the paper that all kitties would have to be vaccinated for rabies starting in January in Illinois.  Though it was not discussed, I noted that the vet did that for them.  Prince Harry never leaves the house but there is always the possibility of a bat getting into the house so do not think the new law is bad.  Am a believer of getting your human children vaccinated too!

The Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee met at Living Faith on Monday evening.  We welcomed three new young members to the committee.  Meetings are always interesting and it is interesting to see issues through fresh eyes.

Wednesday I went to Carthage to meet with my new lawyer.  Every so often I rewrite my will.  I have read that the vast majority of people do not have a will.  Find that interesting.  When circumstances change or when priorities shift, I rewrite my will.  May seem a little silly but we work very hard for the things we love and try to protect them.

If you have one or a dozen of those metal insulated mugs, you might want to check and see if they have both a metal top and a lid with a metal ring.  Took one upstairs with very hot tea in it.  I did not check for the metal rim and burned my lower rather painfully on the mug.  Just be careful.

I have way too many books.  I read constantly and like to keep the books which I read.  Now all my book cases are full, dresser drawers are full, TV cabinets are full and now there are piles of books starting to build up on the floor.  Talked to a friend who suggested the Book Post in Macomb.  They will take your old books and give you credit toward book purchases at the store.  I am taking in a box of books every time I go to Macomb.  Have taken in three boxes of Barbara Cartland books thus far and am going to start on Danielle Steele next.  I read by author and these two authors are way down on my current reading list.  I think the poor store owner has no idea just how many books I have!

The Plymouth Old Settler’s Committee hosted a soup and potato bar at the PCCC on Saturday evening.  It was well attended and the food was great.  Always fun to visit with friends as well as supporting local organizations.

I think we all read “Call of the Wild” somewhere in our past.  It has been a very long time for me and I did not remember the book well.  Noted that it is in Macomb and that Harrison Ford is the star so decided to go see it today.  I had heard enough on TV to know that the dog star was not a real dog but was animated-if that is the proper word.  One could tell that it was not a real dog but the movie was interesting none the less.  Don’t go to it looking for a romantic comedy as it is not one.

This is not really news worthy but…My phone saw fit to stop working on Friday evening.  I went to US Cellular on Saturday morning and was told that they could completely empty my phone or that I could buy a new one.  The gentleman was not too helpful with any suggestions and told me that either way I would lose all my photos and phone numbers.  Always in the past, they have been able to transfer the information to the new phone but he assured me that he could not do that.  To make a sad story short, I am now trying to contact all those people who I had in my phone number list.  Since I no longer have their numbers, and since one cannot lookup a cell number in the book, I ask that my friends please text their number to me so that I can reenter it.  I note that some have put their phone numbers on face book and I don’t think that is a really good idea.  Please text or PM it.

Will close with the reading for today from the Upper Room.  “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  That quote is troubling for me.  Probably the first half is good advice because in reality worry does not solve any problems.  Perhaps we just have to trust that we will have help getting through the “ trouble that each day may bring”.  Scatter Kindness.  You never know what problems others are facing.


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