Plymouth Area News for the week of February 4th, 2019 by Joyce Steiner


The big news this week had to be the weather.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were brutal.  While Quincy had a low of -13, Plymouth was much lower.  I finally stopped looking at my thermometer when it reached -18.7.  I am sure that many of you, like me, really worry when the temperature gets that low.  I think of the farmers trying to care for livestock, people worrying about furnaces going out, pets not having proper shelter and more.  Both the furnace in my garage and house went out the week before,  I felt very fortunate that it happened that way and not when the temperatures were at their extreme.

I spent extra time feeding the birds, squirrels and the ferals.  Everyone seems to have come through fine.

Today it was warm enough to sit outside and watch the birds for a while.  I have an unusually large number of cardinals right now.  There are also blue jays, finches, juncos, and several different types of woodpeckers.  I need to look up one woodpecker.  He is large, has a black back, a white tummy and a red head.  Yet it is not a red headed woodpecker.  I put out suet cake, oil sun flower and mixed bird seed plus corn for the squirrels.  Some of the larger birds also eat the squirrel corn.  All are fun to watch and it is well worth the money I spend on food to see the wildlife enjoy their feasts.

Though I went to the store every day to feed the ferals, I did not stay on Wednesday.  It was just too cold to be out longer than necessary.  I did not get the van out of the garage for several days so walked to the store.  Hopefully we are done with the extreme low temperatures for this winter.

Opened the store back up on Thursday and had a good weekend.  Thanks for all who ventured out to come to Plymouth Rock Antiques.  Had people from out of the area which is normal.

I was glad that the mail was not delivered for a couple of days.  It is just not worth the possibility of injury to the people who have to drive  rural routes  when the conditions are so poor.  A letter being a day late is just not worth the risk.

Finally got the van out and went to Macomb to stock up on some food on Friday.

Got a call on Saturday asking if I had room for a person who was driving an Amish gentleman from Michigan.  They had been to a trade show in Branson and were stopping by here to stay overnight on the way home.  The driver turned out to be a lovely young lady.  I even took her to church with me this morning.  Her passenger cannot ride in a vehicle on Sunday so they will head back to Michigan on Monday morning.  Have enjoyed having her  here.

We watched the Super Bowl tonight.  Though I am not a big sports fan, I did enjoy the game.  I thought the commercials were not as good as some years.  Guess I just like the cute animal commercials better than the  ones they had this year.  Sometimes it was difficult to know who was sponsoring the commercial.  Near the end of the game, we were rewarded with one Budweiser commercial with the horses and a cute dog.

On a normal evening, I often I get off the bed and ride my exercise bike during commercials.  The commercial breaks seem long so I  counted the number of commercials during one break.  Ready for this?  I counted several breaks and there were twelve separate commercials during a break.    Twelve commercials during one break!  I found this amazing.  Maybe I am easily amazed.

Though I know that I should shop locally, I have been ordering my cat food from  If I can’t get my car out, I can email chewy and tell them I need a delivery.  Within two days I have it on my back porch.  Looked out this week and saw that FedEx delivered it.  Interesting.  I hope that chewy is a small company but have not checked.

I hope that each of you made it through the very cold temperatures without harm to you or your home.

Please pray for your neighbors and our country.  Scatter Kindness.

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