Plymouth Area News for the week of February 11, 2019 by Joyce Steiner


Lillian Hoover, who was 92 and lived in Huntsville, passed away on Friday.  She was the mother of Neil Hoover and Diane Rigsbee.  She was often in the car when Neil and Rhonda Hoover came to the antique store.  Out sympathy to her friends and family.

Received word that Barbara Moreau passed away also.  She was the wife of Larry Moreau who was pastor at Plymouth and Augusta.  He was a special friend of my husband, Ben Gentry.  Barbara was only 62.  So sorry to hear.  Though I may not have the correct address, the one I have is for the church at Gillespie.  Frist United Methodist Church, 900 Broadway, Gillespie, IL 62033.  Memorials may be sent for the church or for the Preachers Aid Society and Benefit Fund in memory of Barbara.

Also asking for prayers for one of Ben’s nephews.  He was in a very serious car accident in Missouri and is in grave condition.

Please pray for these families.

Mentioned that I had a B&B guest last weekend.  She left to take her customer back to Michigan after breakfast on Monday morning.  Nice to have her here.

The Plymouth Village Board met on Wednesday evening.  All Board members were present as well as three people who are running for the Board in the spring election.  The village audit was completed.  The company who completed the audit was there to present their findings and to present the bills for the month.  It was absolutely necessary to have the audit done to get the finances of the village straightened out.  We do, however, need to hire a

capable person to do the treasurer’s job and see that the audit is done in a timely manner without the extra cost which was involved this year.

This winter has been awesome or awful.  On any given day we may have snow, ice, rain,  thunder and lightning.  I am sure that most of you are with me in just needing to see the sun for a few days in a row.  I bought a new refrigerator about six weeks ago and the weather has not been decent enough to get it delivered since.  Glad it was just the icemaker which had a problem in the old frig.

Had roofers on my roof most of the day on Tuesday.  Don’t know how they could work in such cold weather, but am grateful they were here.

Friends from Keokuk came over to shop Plymouth Rock Antiques on Saturday.  They needed several things and I had them all.  Thanks for shopping the store.

With the yukky weather, we are having to cook at home more.  I get in a rut and cook the same few things over and over.  I like apple salad and it is easy and refreshing as well as healthy so have made a couple of batches lately.  I chunk two or three apples with the peel left on.  Add two ribs of celery cut in small chunks.  Add dried cranberries, miniature marshmallows and English walnuts.  For the dressing, I use several tablespoons of real lemon and just enough Miracle Whip to coat the contents very lightly.  This is good and the lemon juice keeps the apples fresh.  Try this if you want a refreshing salad.

The weather was good enough on Monday that I made a quick trip to Quincy to put some things in my mall booth at Sullivan’s Antiques and More at 900 Hampshire.  Had been over a month since I had been able to get there.  Also took a lot of things to Quincy Recycles as I try to recycle anything which I can.  They take most everything including newspaper, tin cans, glass, magazines, soda cans, books, cardboard and I am sure more.  They are located on south 6th street I think.

The Plymouth Old Settler’s committee sponsored a fund raiser soup and baked potato supper on Saturday evening.  They had four kinds of soup and several toppings for the potatoes.  There was also a great selection of desserts.  There was a nice crowd when I was there.  Hope they did well.

When Dennis and Carol Rankin arrived at church today, they found that the furnace had quit working.  They called Rick Ramsey who came quickly and got the furnace running again but not in time for the church service.  We met in part of the fellowship hall.  With all of us crowded into a small space, we stayed warm and it was nice to be all together.  Actually the service went very well!

Please keep the families mentioned in your thoughts and prayers as well as others who need support.  Scatter Kindness.


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