Plymouth Area News for the week of February 18th, 2019 by Joyce Steiner


I have had two kitties, who were brothers and who were black and white, for over twelve years.  They were the Lone Ranger and Tonto.  Found Tonto dead in the back yard this week.  Ranger and I will both miss Tonto.

Boy have we had enough winter.  I don’t ever remember day after day of freezing rain.  I think we are all ready for sunshine and spring.  Have heard that there are flocks of robins back and I have seen flocks of geese flying.  Hope they don’t starve to death!

Had a late customer on Wednesday.  I am thankful for all customers whether they arrive between noon and 5 pm or not.  They were buying containers to put silk flower arrangements in which they then sell on Etsy.  Had some photos of lovely arrangements.  Hope they come back.

Plymouth Women’s Circle met on Wednesday evening.  We had soup and sandwiches, pie and candy.  Was appreciated to not to have go home and make supper.  Mel Dorothy and Rhonda Baker were hostesses if I remember correctly.  We planned our annual chicken and noodle supper which will be held on March 16th at the PCCC from 4:30-7 pm.  More information later but save the date.

Since Rodney Clark stopped being a lawyer and became a judge, I have not had a lawyer.  Stopped by the law firm Judge Clark  worked  for and met a new, lovely lady lawyer.  She had received a huge vase of long stemmed red roses and did not know who sent them.  Nice people!  Look forward to working with her.

Ruthann Danielson asked me to share with you that there will be a Retired Teachers Meeting on March 11th at 11:30 am at the Hamilton United Methodist Church.  The program will be on emergency preparedness.  Please make reservations if this reminder applies to you.

Ran to Macomb on Thursday evening to get some groceries.  Valentine’s Day is not too special when you are a widow!

There was a wedding in Plymouth on Saturday.  Had a lovely couple here at Plymouth Rock Roost B&B to attend the wedding.  Enjoyed having them here for three evenings.  Hope they will return.  Saw the wedding party taking photos on the Plymouth Square on Saturday afternoon and enjoyed seeing a lot of the photos on face book.  Hope it is a wonderful marriage.

The Hancock County Historic Society met on Saturday evening at the Senior Center in Carthage.  The program was on soldiers from Hancock County who fought in the War of 1812.  Learned about a lot of soldiers now I need to refresh myself on what the war of 1812 was actually all about.  I do know that much of the land in the area was surveyed to be given to soldiers from that war.

Got to church with no problems today but for the second week in a row had freezing rain on the windshield when I drove home.  It is difficult enough to drive without vision impairment from rain freezing on the windshield.  Came home, ate lunch at KD’s Coop, fed ferrals, my kitties, birds then stayed inside for the rest of Sunday.  Just watched the weather report and we are to have more snow and freezing rain this week.  Goody!

Enough complaining.  Have a good week.  Please pray for the safety of each person who has to travel to work daily.  Scatter Kindness.



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