Plymouth Area News for the week of February 25th, 2019 by Joyce Steiner


A reminder that the Plymouth Women’s Circle will have a chicken and noodle dinner at the PCCC on Saturday, March 16 from 4:30 to 7 pm.  The menu will include chicken and noodles, potatoes, green beans, apple sauce, homemade desserts, rolls and drink for a donation of $7 for adults and $5 for children.  Chicken and noodles will also be available for carry out by the quart.

A friend told me that the tire on my Caravan looked low.  Had not been concerned because the warning light had not come on.  There was a tiny nail in it.  Looked to be the size of an upholstery tack.  I really appreciate it when people “look out for me”.   Thank you!

Wednesday morning I was wakened by beeps and buzzes by my head.  I woke  to find that the electricity was out.  It was out from 5:33 to 6:55 am.  I try not to be awake at that time!  Was very happy when it came back on.  Only problem for me is that it puts the street light at the store back another hour and a half.  Should have it on an electric eye instead of a timer which I cannot reach.

Did an antique appraisal for a family in Macomb on Wednesday evening.  These are kind of fun.  If you want an appraisal or need to find out what is valuable, please call me BEFORE you toss a  lot of items.  Sometimes people think a junky piece of furniture is worth nothing, when in fact “junky” primitives bring a lot more than good Victorian furniture right now.   Also that dirty old piece of stoneware in the basement could be priceless.  Of course it can go the other way too, there are a lot of good looking reproductions and a lot of imported Chinese quilts.

The weather finally stayed good enough for me to get my frig delivered.  They had to take the door off the house but got it in and in place.  It is a bit more narrow than the last one so you can see the door frame.  Love it so far.  It has French doors with a bottom freezer.  Like that too.  My appliances are going from almond to white because they do not make almond or biscuit appliances any more.  Oh well, if you put enough photos on the front, you don’t notice the color anyway.

Saturday, I finally got to go to an auction again.  Really miss Sullivan and Son.  It was a Kelso Auction near Bushnell.  Got a load for the antique store.  Got some nice garden things.

After church on Sunday, I stopped by Rusty Red’s Farm Table in Augusta.  Found four from church already there, so I joined them.  Soon four more people from church joined us.  It was great!  They had a large breakfast menu and sandwiches and sides.  I had breakfast and suggested that they have a Sunday lunch special.  Think that will happen.  A lovely space and such nice people.  I found they are open from 5 am until 2 pm daily except on Sunday when they do not open until 6 am.  I believe that is early enough!  See above comments about early morning.   The restaurant is on the south side of the main street.  Probably across from the post office.

Have been looking into solar power for my home and the church.  We moved a few steps closer on both fronts this week.  The gentleman working on my application stopped by my home tonight and we got the paper work signed and my application will go in very soon.  I am so in favor of trying to lesson  use of fossil fuels and help, where I can, to  try to lesson global warming which is having such a negative impact on our weather.  Speaking of renewable energy, if you go toward Macomb on 336 you will see an increasing storage of wind turbine parts by the highway.  Can’t wait to see where they are going to be constructed.  I will go watch them being assembled when I find out.

For Larry who likes a recipe every so often-I do not eat a lot of red meat but sometimes I just have to have some beef.  I use my slow cooker for most of my cooking.  Place a chunk of beef in the slow cooker.  Add about a cup of water to get it started.  Sprinkle a dry packet of brown gravy mix and a packet of dry Italian dressing mix over the meat.  Since I never cook meat without adding onion, chop a large onion and add to the pot.  I added a bit of vinegar to help tenderize the meat but that is optional.  Cook on medium for several hours until the meat can be easily shredded with two forks.  Buy a package of  crusty French rolls and enjoy.  It is a really nice change from my usual food fare.

This week we need not worry about having something to do.  I have sticks and small limbs down all over my yard from the strong winds which have been blowing all day.  Even though I think it is to be down to 12 tonight, I really feel that spring is about to arrive.  Was it Shakespeare who said “Hope springs eternal within the human breast”?

Have a great week.  Scatter Kindness.


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