Plymouth Area News for the week of March 4th, 2019 by Joyce Steiner


Katherine Kee, a long time and well known teacher from Plymouth, passed away on Tuesday.  I know that many of you will remember her as your teacher and friend.  Services were on Friday at the St. Mary’s church with Rev. Tom Spain officiating.

Nadine Hoeing, who worked at Rhodes market in Plymouth,  passed away on Wednesday.  She has brothers Richard and Stan Clark and was a great friend of Norma Gooding.   She had moved to Macomb but I saw her rather frequently.

I also heard that Rob Cravens had passed away.  His family was very well known in the Plymouth area.  He lived in Florida.

Each of these people will be missed and our sympathy goes out to their family and friends.

Wanted to let you know that Wesley Village in Macomb will be sponsoring a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Macomb on Saturday, March 16th at 10 am.  If you would like to register, please contact  The parade will go around the Macomb Square.

As I have O negative blood, the Red Cross loves me.  I gave blood at Colchester on Tuesday.  That was the first time I have given in Colchester.  John Purdy, owner of Hollister’s, was also there giving blood.  Please give blood if you are able.  It is my understanding that there is a shortage and that giving is down.  It is important.

Saw a huge flock of snow geese landing in a field by Tennessee when I was on my way to Colchester.  Would like to have had time to take a closer look at them but the blood mobile closed at 6 pm.

I do not often watch Family Feud but had turned to ABC to watch something else.  I was saddened to hear the host repeatedly say “ain’t got no”  and to call a black man “boy”.  Does no one listen to that show?

Friday morning I got my hair cut in Augusta and decided to eat breakfast while I was there.  After ordering, I got a phone call to come and open the store early. Am always glad to do that and thanks to Connie Heitman and Donna Holmes for calling.  Good to see them both.  Also had several others in during regular hours.

Thanks to all the local people who came in on Saturday too.  It is appreciated.

Just another reminder that the Plymouth Women’s Circle Chicken and Noodle dinner is Saturday, March 16th starting at 4:30 pm at the PCCC.

There has been a lot of buzz on social media about the Special Methodist General Conference held in Missouri this past week.  Will give you my take on it.  When I first started attending the Methodist Conference in Peoria several years ago, I was surprised that Methodists were still discussing sexual orientation.  I figured that issue had been dealt with years ago.  The Methodist Discipline seems to say that openly gay persons may not serve as ministers and that gay persons cannot be married in a Methodist church.  I think both these stands are wrong.  All people are created equal and all are equal in the sight of God.  All should be allowed to serve God in any way they wish but the General Conference saw fit to not change these rules.  All are welcome in our church.  All are loved.  I wish the outcome had been for a change, but it was not.  I have to remember that the Methodist Church is a world wide church and that some countries with a lot of members, like Africa are more conservative that many in America.

Thanks to Rusty Red’s Farmtable Restaurant in Augusta  for having a Sunday lunch special today.

Saw on face book that one could make banana bread with a yellow cake mix.  I used my mixer to squish up 4 ripe bananas, added two eggs to the bananas and mixed that more, then added a few nuts.  I did not have a yellow cake mix so added a chocolate cake mix and beat it some more.  Baked it in a regular 8 by 12 inch ungreased glass dish for 30 minutes in  350 degree oven.  Nice and moist with no frosting.

Try to ignore the snow and the 0 degree  temperatures which are predicted for tonight!  Scatter Kindness.

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