Plymouth Area News for the week of Jan 15th, 2018 by Joyce Steiner

Allene White will celebrate her 90th birthday on January 22nd.  Why not send her a birthday card at Allene White, 700 South St, Augusta,  IL 62311.  She attends Living Faith United Methodist Church and comes to Bible study on Thursday mornings.
Noticed in the paper that Old Settlers is sponsoring a soup and potato supper next Saturday evening at the PCCC.  Funds raised will be used for the Old Settler’s Celebration in August.
Last Sunday evening I went upstairs to watch a movie.  Heard an unusual noise and thought something was wrong with a heat radiator.  Could find nothing and finally noted a water splash on a picture and looked up to find water dripping through the ceiling.  Not a good feeling!  Headed to the attic, a place I hate to go, but did find the source of the problem and put a pan under it.  Called the roofer who said he could not get up there right now.  I certainly agree with that!!  Very thankful I was in that bedroom at that particular time and caught the problem the instant it started.
Monday was the funeral for Sherry Bartlow at Living Faith United Methodist Church.  Rev. Sheri Renner did a lovely job with the service.  The church served lunch after the services.  Sherry will  be missed in our communities and by all who knew her.
Wednesday there was a blood collection at the First Christian Church in Carthage.  As my blood type is O negative, the Red Cross loves me.  They called and asked me to give and even after I agreed, they kept calling me.  Oh well.  Nice to be loved.  They had a great turnout from what I could tell.  Said they had been busy all day.  Saw my former lawyer, Rod Clark, there also donating.  Really good to see him.
After giving blood went straight to Macomb to get some groceries.  The cars stayed in the garage all the week before.  So did the kitties.
Had seven for Bible study on Thursday morning.  We had called it off the two previous weeks.  We only have one lesson left, now if the weather will just cooperate one more time.
When the weather is this cold, I just want to stay in but do not.  I have been at the store every day even if I have to walk to get there.  Also have kitties, birds and squirrels to feed and water.  When that is done, I have started a bit of house cleaning and rearranging.  Find I do not do enough of that sometimes.  Put glass shelving on all my radiators and have been putting collections together.  For instance, stoneware chickens are on the radiator in my bedroom and ducks are now on a radiator in the living room.  Kind of cute to have them together.
Also cook more when it is difficult to get out-I like to eat!  Any way I tried something new today.  I had an angel food cake mix.  Thought about putting oranges in it but found I did not have any so did find a can of apricots.  Made up the cake using the apricot liquid for part of the water.  After I had the cake batter beaten, added the can of apricots and mixed them enough to break them up.  Put the cake in a 9 by 13 dish instead of a cake pan.  As it was thinner than it would have been in an angel pan, it did not take as long to bake.  Really, really good.  Shall not tell you how much of it I have already eaten.
While I am on the cooking kick will also tell you about a salad I make a lot for healthy eating.  I cut up 3 green onions, a tomato, spring  mix, some light salad dressing and put chow mein noodles and feta cheese on the top.  I mix it all up and find it quite yummy and relatively healthy.  The feta adds flavor and the noodles add crunch which is nice for a salad.
Hope you had a good week.  Scatter kindness.
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