Plymouth Area News for the week of January 21st, 2019 by Joyce Steiner


Carolyn Holmes Hamilton passed away on January 14th in Florida.  Carolyn was very well know in our community and attended Living Faith United Methodist Church.  Our sympathy to her family and friends.

Got a really interesting email this week.  It was from Montgomery Hathaway and had an old email address and password.  It informed me that he had pictures of me watching porn and “enjoying it”.  All he wanted was $7,000!  I called Adams and the lady who answered the phone had also received this email.  If you are lucky enough to also get this email, it is a SCAM.  Nice try to extort $7,000 however.  Wish a few people would find better ways to use their time.

Took the Royal Family to winter quarters on Tuesday.  Really good thing I did as the weather has changed.  They now have a warmer, larger place to live, I have a place to sit down and pet them and I do not have to break so many paths through the snow.  For those of you who have recently joined reading this column, the Royal Family consists of Victor and Victoria who are two Maine Coon cats.  They look like coons as they are large, grey and fluffy.  Prince Harry, the blind kitty who lives in my home, is their son.

Boy have we had snow!  Most of us remember the snow of 78 if I recall correctly.  There was so much snow that there was no place to push it anymore.  The roads had snow piled higher than the vehicles trying to use the roads.  I remember because my husband, Ben Gentry, was driving to Ft. Madison, IA each day to work.  He always went to work no matter how bad the roads were and I worried a lot.  Anyway we had 14 inches the first storm.  Since then it has settled some but we have had more snow and some rain too.  Today, Sunday, it is snowing large lovely flakes.  I went to the antique store to feed the ferals and check on them.  I walk as it is easier than trying to get a vehicle out of the garage.  Had several people in the store on Saturday when I did not expect any one.  Think people are just tired of being snowbound.  I am not sure that I don’t mind the cold more than the snow however.  The cold is so hard on all of us, human and furry.

Stan Dixon told me about a face book group called “ The Central Illinois Photographic Society”.  It is easy to join a face book group and this one is no exception.  If you would like to seem some lovely photographs, you might want to join.  Be warned that you will get a lot of notifications about postings.

Jesus Hill called to ask me to let you know that the old doctor’s office on East Main Street in Plymouth is for sale.  It has 3 storage units and one, two bedroom apartment and one efficiency apartment in it.  If you are interested in it, his number is 786 258 6631.  He lives in Florida but is moving to the state of Tennessee.

Again, thanks to Tedd Simmons for doing such a great job trying to keep the Plymouth streets clear.  What a job!  One day this week he was taking the piled snow and dumping it over the chain on the Square to free up the driving area.  Right now, whenever he gets the roads clear, it snows again.  Thank You Tedd.

Hope all of you are doing well despite the weather-it is January!  Be kind to those you come in contact with as you do not know what is happening in their lives and being kind is just the right thing to do.


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