Plymouth Area news for the week of January 14th, 2019 by Joyce Steiner


I completely missed the fact that Luan Johnson of Plymouth passed away on December 18th.  So sorry.  She has a very large number of family members in the Plymouth area.

Fred Stockwell passed away on December 20th.  He was a graduate of Plymouth High School.  Our sympathy to his family and friends.

The Plymouth American legion will be sponsoring a ham and beans, cornbread, dessert and sandwich dinner on Sunday, January 27 from 4-6 pm.  The supper will be held at the Legion hall on the west side of the Plymouth Square.  Cost is a free will donation.

Of course the big news this week is snow and more snow!  It began snowing Friday and just did not seem to be able to stop.  It snowed all night Friday and all day Saturday.  I kept looking out the window Saturday night to see if it had quit and it had not.  Anyway Plymouth looks to have 13 inches or more.  I know that it is deeper than my boots are tall.  I went to the store on Saturday though I knew that no one would be antique shopping in the snow storm.  I cleared a path and the path had at least 3 inches of snow on it again when I left the shop.  Fed my feral kitties and cleared a spot for them.  Sunday I returned to the store to feed again and clear a spot for kitties again.  Only two came for lunch.  Hope the rest are OK.  Hard for a kitty to get around when the snow is so much taller than they are.  Birds and squirrels are working the feeders again after a long absence.  Love my squirrels.

Last Monday there were lots of shoppers at Plymouth Rock Antiques.  Thanks to you all.  Also have people stop by to chat.  That too is welcome.  I think that it is very important to actually listen to others.

Noticed that there was a lovely new moon on Tuesday evening.

I went to Macomb on Friday morning to get some groceries for the coming storm.  On face book, friends have been posting that one is to buy milk, bread and toilet paper before a storm!  I only bought milk of those three.  Anyway on the way home, I noticed geese flying.  Not just the usual flock going from one pond to another but V after V of them.  Flocks stretched across the entire skyline.   Rather than flying north, these were headed west but I suspect that just means they were headed for the Mississippi.  I hope they know it is spring and that is why they are flying.  Hope they do not starve with all this snow covering the corn fields.

Plymouth is so lucky to have Tedd Simmons as an employee. He has been out all hours keeping the roads cleaned off.  When I went to the store today, he was still working on the Square.  Others are out too trying to clear drive ways.  Though we may think that we do not need to get out, one never knows when there might be a medical emergency.  Again a really big thanks to Tedd.

Was supposed to give blood on Wednesday evening.  Due to some bad fish which I cooked, that did not happen!.  I am never sick but food poisoning is really no fun.  Tossed all the cooked food out of the frig just in case it was not the fish.

Speaking of the refrigerator, I noticed that the water fill on the door was leaking more than normal.  I could not get it to stop.  Went to the basement and found quite a bit of water on the floor down there so shut off the water to the frig.  Checked the production date on the frig and found it was produced in 1993.  Rather than spending several hundred dollars to repair the water fill on the door, I went to Macomb to purchase a new one.  There was exactly one on the floor that would fit into the cupboard space in my kitchen.  Good thing I liked it.  It has a bottom freezer which I think I will like better than the side by side which I now have.  It has an ice maker but no water fill.  That is OK too.  It has two doors on the top and I think I will like that too.  Of course my kitchen has almond appliances and they no longer make almond or biscuit so the kitchen is gradually going to white appliances.  Thinking that perhaps one should buy white as any color seems to become “dated” rather quickly.

Hope that even if you are not enjoying the snow, that it has not caused any major problems for you.  Try to remember that the days are getting longer, that January is almost half over, the geese are flying-can spring be far behind.  Scatter Kindness.


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