Plymouth Area News for the week of January 30th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Monday the SPRC met at the Living Faith United Methodist Church.  This is the group which works with the staff and the pastor in the Methodist Church.  We have a really good group and it is an honor to be a part of the committee.
On Sunday it was difficult to get the “news” sent and by Tuesday I could not connect to the internet.  Normally if one shuts down the computer for a while, things work again.  Unplugged the entire system and left it off all of Tuesday.  Seems to have worked.  Got a lot of emails after I plugged it in again which had been somewhere out in the great beyond. 
Also went to visit with AJ Johnson on Tuesday evening.  Most of us, including me, have forgotten the fine art of just going to visit with our neighbors.  We all need to do more if it.
Also on Tuesday Brick Wall got a sign and now they have lovely well lighted and safe steps leading up to the door.  Ray and Kathy Goodell and Rose McCurdy stopped on Sunday evening and Ray brought pizza and cinnamon twists to which I added a salad.  Thanks Dylan and Ray.  Great pizza and loved the cinnamon twists.
Wednesday I loaded up a load of pop cans and took them to Colchester to recycle them.  Found out that you can also take in food tin cans.  Thanks to every one who brings cans to the store.  I got 50.40 for the load which should pay the water bill for the month at the Community Center.  Checked and they paid me 1.80 for a very huge bag of tin cans but that is much better than putting them in the trash or hauling them to Quincy for nothing.
The low minimum average temperature for this area is 18 degrees.  The low minimum temper changed to 19 degrees two days ago so spring is coming!! she said hopefully.  The sky is full of flying geese as I mentioned last week.  Seems when they are overhead here, that they are headed west.  I know that they are going to the Mississippi River but does make it difficult to know if they are headed north or south.
Cindy Vincent stopped by the antique store on Friday.  Her mother weaves rugs and I had a lot of sheets and denim that needed to be used for rugs.  Was good to see her.  We both do 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington.
Saturday there was an auction at Sullivan’s in Hamilton.  Got a few things for the store.
Also went to Macomb to pick up medicine for AJ Johnson and to go visit with Dot Burdett.  Also worked in dinner at HyVee where I ate with my high school physics teacher and his wife.  They are great people.
Sunday it was back to church then to Quincy for lunch and to pick up another door bell.  Was so happy with the one I put on the back door that I got one for the front door too.  Delivered AJ’s medicine and talked with Julie Wise for a few minutes.  She has been in the hospital recently as she has had a bout with blood clots and other blood problems.  Please keep Julie in your thoughts and prayers.
I read the Upper Room Discipline every day.  Some days the lesson really speaks to me.  One day this week the reading included the following passage.  I often wonder just what it takes to be a good Christian and to do what is needed but this passage makes it seem like anyone can do what is expected.  From Micah, one needs  “to act justly and to have mercy and to walk humbly with your God”.  Any of us can do that! 
Have a good week.  Pray for our nation and its leaders.
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