Plymouth Area News for the week of February 6th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

It is often said that things happen in threes.  Our community lost three long time residents this week.  We are truly sorry and our sympathy goes out to family and friends of these three people.
Bill Roberts passed away in Macomb on Wednesday evening.  I believe his funeral was on Saturday.  I am sorry but I did not see any details to tell you more.  Dot Burdett who was 96, passed away in Heartland at 5:10 am Thursday.  Dot was a long time friend and had a colorful life as an entertainer.  She preferred that designation to “Circus Performer”.  Her graveside service will be on April 2nd at 2 pm at the Plymouth cemetery.  Ruth Burton, who lived to be 94, passed away on Friday in Pekin.  Her services will be on Tuesday at Hamilton Funeral Home in Augusta.
Tuesday got a call from a fellow antique dealer asking about barrister bookcases.  He came to the store and bought a china cabinet because he had sold one and had china on the floor.  Now I have china on the floor which is a good thing.  What is really great about this whole story is that while we were loading the china cupboard in his truck, I noticed he was getting in and out easier than I was and when he told me he was 86, I was amazed.  Maybe if I continue in this business long enough, I can become more like him.  Loved it.
Wednesday afternoon while I was at the store Heartland called me to come in immediately.  Flew to Macomb to find Dot resting comfortably and alone which surprised me from the message.  Stayed for several hours and eventually a hospice nurse arrived and told me I should go home and get some rest as Dot should be OK for a couple of days.  She was wrong.  While I was there, a chaplain name Tom and a kitty named Blue Bell came to visit and to pray with Dot.
Did not get home for the Village Board meeting but understand that it went very well and that the job descriptions were worked on for village employees.
Thursday morning, I got another call from Heartland at 5 am.
Friday I went to Hamilton Funeral Home to work on details for Dot Burdett.  Jack Hamilton is a former student and friend.  He has helped me through funerals for my mother, my husband and now for Dot.  I am glad he is there for me and for the community.
Had a lovely couple in the store on Friday and another on Saturday.  When I have great customers who are pleasant to be around, it helps me remember just how much I like the antiques business and while I am still in business.
Sunday was church as usual, lunch at KD’s, a movie “La La Land” because it won some many awards, then a pizza at Brick Wall before coming home to watch the Super Bowl.  Who would have believed that with a score of 25 to 3 that the leading team would lose in an over time-the first in history.  Though I napped during two touch downs in the first half, I was wide awake for the rest of the game.  Good game-now if I just understood football!
May you have a good week.  Scatter Kindness.  You, or I, probably have no idea what others are experiencing.
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