Plymouth Area News for the week of February 13th 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Two eating events are coming up.  The first is a Ham and Bean with cornbread and sandwich dinner coming up Saturday, February 25th from 5-7 pm sponsored by the  Plymouth American Legion.  It will be held at their  building located on the west side of the Plymouth Square.  This dinner is open to the public.  Carry outs will be available.  A free will donation will be taken for the dinner.
The second is the Annual West Point Fire Department annual soup supper and silent auction.  It will be held March 4th at the Sullivan and Son Auction and Events Center.  Soup, sandwiches, drinks and dessert will be served from 5-7 pm.  Proceeds will be used to purchase fire equipment and supplies for the district.  A free will offering will be taken for the meal..
Since we have had some snow, thee has been a lot of action at my bird feeders.  Had purple finches, finches, chickadees, cardinals, the usual sparrows and several kinds of wood peckers this week.  In the interesting bird category, as I was going to Macomb today I noted three large shapes in the field just east of the highway above Calmer.  As I got closer they were eagles.  There was one mature eagle and two adolescent birds.  They are huge when you are near them.  So good to see them in our area.
Hope you have been outside in the evening this week.  The moon has been incredible!  There was a moon event this week but I did not know about it until it was over.  Perhaps you are more informed than I. 
Finally finished the Victorian chair which I have been caning for Mary Hohe.  It is a beautiful chair but with holes which are very close together plus it had a round seat.  Seemed like it took forever to finish that project.
Saturday morning there was a flurry of house cleaning going on in my home as I had B&B guests on Saturday night.  Got it done in time to answer a call to open the store early, the second one this week.  My guests arrived at the store on Saturday afternoon.  They were lovely people and I enjoyed having them.  Harry loved them and they loved Harry back so he let them eat breakfast in peace.  He knows when people do not like him and responds by trying to make them love him by being especially friendly and pushy.
Had a decent day at the store on Saturday. Saturday the Plymouth Park was full of people out enjoying the warmer weather.  I sat outside in the sun for a few minutes-it was great.
Sunday after feeding my B&B guests, went to church a bit late for Sunday School.  After church went to Macomb to see “Hidden Figures”.  If you have not seen this movie, go.  It is set in the early 60’s when American fell behind in the space race.  It is the story of that space race and three incredibility talented black mathematicians who happen to be women.  Even though I have a degree in physics and math and was very influenced by the events of that time, I had no idea that we had human “computers”. 
Valentine’s Day is Tuesday.  Be especially nice to your “Valentine” and if you don’t have a special someone, just be nice to everyone!  Happy Valentine’s Day.
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