Plymouth Area News for the week of February 20th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Just a reminder that the Plymouth American Legion is serving ham and beans, cornbread and sandwiches on Saturday Feb, 25 from 5-7 pm at the American Legion building on the west side of the Plymouth Square.
Also the West Point Fire Department’s soup supper and silent auction will be Saturday, March 4th from 5-7 pm at Sullivan and Son event and auction center.
Was sad to see that Virginia Metzger passed away this week.  Henry Grandville Metzger built the home I live in and Virginia was his grand daughter.  Her grand father and her father, John Metzger, owned the bank where my antique store is now located.  This is a big loss for Plymouth.
Went to Quincy to stock my booth at Sullivan’s Antiques and More on Tuesday morning.  Of course I had to stop by Golden Corral for lunch.  Ran into Pat Phelps, her mom and sister so enjoyed lunch with them.  Keith and Anita Marlow were also having lunch there. 
Bible study, lead by Pat Phelps, resumed on Thursday morning.  There were eight ladies present plus Prince Harry.  Mary Ruth Phillips was hostess.
Hope you have been out in the evenings.  There have been great sunsets with a lot of pinks this week and the stars have been lovely.
Friday I ran over to Sullivan and Son’s for part of the continuing Donnie Weinberg sale.  Things were going well as usual so came back and opened the store on time.
I often speak of Prince Harry.  His parents are Victor and Victoria and they have a summer and a winter home.  They are currently in their winter home.  Some how Victor got out and was waiting for me on Thursday evening when I went out to feed them.  He wanted back in and immediately went to the food and water bowl.  Victoria reacted like any one whose husband has been out all night with snarling and slapping at him.  Was really pretty cute to observe!  Think she has now forgiven him as all seemed well the next evening.
It has been warm long enough that I have flowers coming up.  Have seen daffodils and tulips peaking through the ground.  Suspect they will get nipped by frost.  There is also a lot of field work going on.  February seems early for getting ready to plant crops.  Watch out for tractors etc on the roads.  Even in a small VW, it can be hard to get past a large tractor pulling a piece of equipment.
The Hancock County Historic Society met on Saturday evening.  There was a great crowd to hear Arlis Dittmer speak on early female doctors in Quincy.  Interesting program.
I normally try not to work on Sunday.  Today I attended church.  Kyle Kelso had an auction that began at 9 am near Bushnell.  Decided that the auction should not be over by a bit after noon so traveled over to it.  They had a lot left to sell.  Got some nice things for the store and picked up a iron bed head that I had not been able to get in my van a long time ago.  Auctions are always fun for me as many of the same people attend and work the auctions that I attend so get to see a lot of friends as well as get merchandise.
Hope that you are enjoying the spring like weather.  Scatter Kindness.
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