Plymouth Area News for the week of February 27th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Our sympathy to the friends and family of Merlene Miller who passed away on Thursday.  Services were held at the PCCC on Sunday with Plymouth Women’s Circle preparing an afternoon meal after the services.  Merlene will be missed.
Remember that the west Point Fire department soup and silent auction will be this Saturday, March 4th from 5-7 pm at Sullivan and Son Auction and Events Center.
Mark your calendar for the Plymouth Women’s Circle Annual chicken and noodle dinner to be held on Saturday March 11th at the PCCC.  More details next week.
Had a lot of male friends in the antique store on Monday.  It was delightful!  The FFA sponsored a Red Cross Blood drive at Southeastern on Monday.  Think they came really close to their goal of 30 pints.  Keep seeing the same  students helping with activities. Thank you.  Have given about 70 pints of blood but know there are many people who have given far more.  Since the Red Cross keeps calling me, I think the need must be urgent right now.
Attended the grave side service for Virginia Metzger on Tuesday.  The service was held at St. Mary’s Cemetery.  I had not known that John Metzger and his wife were buried there.  Virginia, their only daughter, is now buried beside them.  I feel related to the family since I live in the home that Virginia’s grandfather built and every day I am in the building that Virginia’s father and grandfather did business in.  Very sad to see the end of that family so important to the history of Plymouth.
Attended a dementia workshop in Macomb on Wednesday evening.  It was sponsored by McDonough District Hospital.  I was amazed when I drove into the parking lot.  It was filled with cars and at first I thought there must be something else going on at the college. There were hundreds in attendance for the program.  I was very impressed with the speaker and she gave a lot of common sense ways to deal with people with dementia.  Wish I had heard her years ago.  Some of the information which she gave would have been useful for me had I had it earlier.  Knew a lot of people in attendance including some I do the Spoon River Drive with.
There were nine ladies in attendance for Bible study on Thursday morning.  Mimi Lawton was hostess and made home made hot cross buns.  Many thanks Mimi.
Attended an Emmaus gathering at Wesley United Methodist Church in Macomb on Friday evening. 
Saturday there was no one at the antique store until 2:30 when my niece, Marcella, and two friends came in.  They should have come sooner as many people then arrived and I was at the store until after 5:30 which is a good thing.
Went to the American Legion ham and bean dinner after I closed.  Some one asked me today if I ever cook.  The answer is yes I do cook a lot even, but when you live alone one roasted chicken makes roast chicken, sliced chicken sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches and chicken with wild rice it gets a bit tiresome.  Right now I am working on several days of seafood in linguine. 
Living Faith will have an Ash Wednesday service on Wednesday at 7 pm.  Looking ahead, there will also be a Maundy Thursday Service on April 13th and a Good Friday service on Friday, April 14th. 
Was good to spend much of the day with the ladies of the Plymouth Women’s Circle today.  We are good cooks and are happy to prepare meals for families when needed.
Scatter Kindness.
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