Plymouth Area News for the week of March 6th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Our sympathy to the family and friends of Terry Rankin.  Terry was a well known carpenter in the area.  He passed away on Friday after a very short bout with cancer.  His loss will leave a hole in our community and in many hearts.
Plymouth Women’s Circle will hold their annual Chicken and Noodle Dinner this Saturday, March 11th from 4:30-7 pm at the PCCC just west of the Plymouth Square.  A complete meal will be served for a donation of $7 for adults and $5 for children.  Come out and enjoy some good home cooking.  We are good cooks!
The McDonough District Hospital sponsored Sonya Jones who appeared on the Biggest Loser TV program and was runner up for her season.  She spoke at the Spoon River Community Outreach Center in Macomb on Tuesday evening.  There was a good crowd for her inspirational speech.  She has a very positive attitude since changing her life by losing weight and learning to like herself. 
Finally got a new sign ordered for the highway.  My old one is practically unreadable.  The new one should look much better.  Be watching for its arrival.
The Plymouth Village Board met on Wednesday evening with all members present.  It was a relatively short meeting with more discussion on job descriptions.  It is nice to attend a meeting where there are no raised voices and where the needed work can get done.
Thursday morning I abandoned the Bible Study group to attend the Lowderman Auction.  Was not a good selection of furniture but did get one china cupboard and some smalls for my store.  Dorothy Torok was hostess for Bible Study.
On Friday evening we celebrated my great nephew’s 10th birthday with pizza, cake and ice cream.  The party was held at the home of Curtis and Shawna Sprinkle Steiner, his parents,  in Macomb.  The Steiner clan and the Sprinkle clan were present along with some of Calvin’s friends.
“Elvis and the Memphis mafia” spent Saturday evening at Plymouth Rock Roost B&B.  Elvis looked a bit like Roger Goudschaal, a former student from Central High School.  It was delightful to welcome Elvis and his group to Plymouth.  Elvis gave a show at the Buss Stop in Augusta and I got to go see them perform.   Elvis eats pancakes and fresh fruit just like the rest of my guests.  He was not picky at all and everyone seemed to enjoy their stay and meeting Prince Harry.  Loved his outfit and he even signed a scarf for me.  Hope Elvis will soon make another appearance in the area.
There will be a spring clothing drive for residents of the Southeastern School District.  The drive will last from March 20-29 and clothing may be dropped off at the Faith Lutheran Church at 901 Prairie Street in Augusta, Illinois.  Drop off donations in the white shed north of the church.  Clothing collected will be distributed on April 1, 5 and the 8th at the Community Building at the Augusta Fairgrounds.
If you happen to see Elvis this week, say hi!  Have a great week.  Scatter Kindness.
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