Plymouth Area News for the week of July 15th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


I was asked to help judge 4H projects in Carthage on Monday.  Was happy to help as 4H was a great part of my formative years.  4H made it possible for me to  speak before people.  “Back in the day” most projects for girls included only sewing and cooking so was surprised at the wide variety of projects available now.  I was also very disappointed that only about half of the projects we were to judge actually showed up to be judged.  Perhaps 4H should be taken more seriously as it can make such a profound positive impact on youth.

Also opened the antiques store on Monday for a customer who wanted to buy a book.  Again, always happy to open for special hours if I am in town.

I still have a land line.  It is necessary because I have a B&B.  I purchased a phone in Quincy some years ago.  As the batteries began to weaken, I tried to replace them.  That was not possible.  I even had batteries specially made for the phones.  That did not work either.  I had to toss out a phone set because one could not buy batteries for it!  Anyway I purchased a new phone set at Sam’s.  Got it installed on Tuesday.  Even figured out how to record the outgoing message.  Love it.  The batteries are simple AA batteries.  The phone announces who is calling as well as having caller ID.  It is easy to use.  Guess maybe it was not so bad to not be able to buy batteries for the old phone.  My suggestion, check what type of batteries a phone takes before purchasing it.

Finally finished pricing all the goodies from the last auction.  I have even more history books than usual.  Have early histories of Hancock, McDonough and other counties.  Have aerial views of those counties and more.  Have many booklets of local history and even a copy of “Pioneers of the Prairie” which is really difficult to find.

Took three of my kitties to the vet for check up and shots.  Found that one has tongue cancer.  The vet kept her over night and did laser surgery on her tongue.  She was wobbly when I brought her home and refused to eat.  That was Friday evening.  Today she is doing much better and was anxious for her dinner.  Hope all goes well for her.  She is a very dainty long haired black kitty which just showed up at my home late last fall.  Please send healing thoughts for Beauty.

I read in the paper that mayors and Village Presidents in Illinois now have the ability to perform marriages.  This is House Bill 2841.  Wonder if Mayor Sanson knows about this.

Sam Meek and I did chicken livers at the Buss Stop on Thursday evening.  One of the great things about small communities is that friends come in and sit with you.  Was happy to visit with Gerhard Jung and his son.

My uncle Murray Welch, mother’s brother, moved to Michigan.  We were always happy when he and his family came to Illinois to visit.  Mother and her brothers have been gone for many years.  Murray’s grandson, his two children and his mother came to visit me on Saturday.  The grandson and his children had never been to visit and his mother had not been here for 50 years!  We have had a wonderful time visiting and looking at old family photos which I have.  Somehow I became the keeper of all the family things for both sides of the family.  So glad that I did!  They will be here a while longer and already are making plans to return.  Does not hurt that the grandson also likes antiques, has two antique mall booths and is also a teacher.  Saturday they shopped the store and we visited.  Today we all went to church where Kathy Holst gave a wonderful history lesson on Kind David and his family.  Learned a lot of history and that things have really not changed all that much all through time.  After church we stopped in Augusta for lunch and again were joined by friends.  Invited Marcella and Roger, my niece and nephew, to come down and meet their cousins.  Great day!

Hope you also had a great day and that you will have a good week.  We are to have some real summer weather this week.  Scatter Kind

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