Plymouth Area News for the week of July 8th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner

Hope you had a great 4th of July week.  I know one of my neighbors has.  Hopefully they run out of those really loud, house shaking fireworks soon!

On Monday evening I went to Quincy to the “Celebrate America” concert featuring the Lester’s and the Chosen Ones.  It may have been the last performance by the Chosen Ones as they lost one of the family, Mike Reuter.  They are such an exceptional family and I will miss them very much.  Prayers for Chosen One’s family.  It was a dinner and concert and was held at the Quality Inn.  As I went by myself, I joined a couple sitting at a table.  They were from Palmyra and I enjoyed meeting them.  Good evening but also a sad evening.

The couple sponsoring “ 2×4’s for Hope” were also there so I purchased a 2×4.  They build tiny homes for homeless veterans.  It takes 85 2×4’s to build a home and they hoped to sell enough for a home on Monday.  The last home they built was in Mt. sterling.  A very good project.

We had two birthdays in our church in the last week.  Mary Ruth Phillips celebrated her 80th birthday with family last Sunday and Mary Hohe celebrated her 95th birthday today.  May both of you enjoy more healthy birthdays.

Wednesday evening was the Plymouth Village Board meeting at the Village hall.  Lisa Fundell was absent.  The meeting went very well.  There was much discussion about drainage in the town, road resurfacing, finding part time help for Tedd Simmons and more.  The Board meets the first Wednesday at 7 pm at the Village hall.  Members of the community are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Thursday was the 4th and it was a perfect day.  Walked in the parade at Carthage and then enjoyed the Nauvoo Bagpipe band and the Nauvoo brass band.  Both were just great.  Was invited to a picnic, then went to Macomb to hear the King of Graffiti Band and see  the fireworks.  It does not get much better than listening to a great rendition of Neil Diamond’s “ Coming to America” while watching beautiful fireworks on a pleasant evening.  There was also a lovely new moon in the western sky.

The Lowderman “ open to the world auction” was Friday since Thursday was a holiday.  They announced that they had 48 hay racks.  I did not count, but there were a lot of them!  Got a really nice wicker stroller for the store.  Also got a metal Aladdin lamp complete with chimney and shade.

After the Ponderosa in Macomb closed,  I searched for a different restaurant to eat at when in Macomb.  I liked Max and Mollies pretty well.  Well Friday, when I was going to stop in for their catfish special, they were closed as in permanently.  Sad.  Hope someone buys it and reopens it.

Boy Sunday sort of got out of hand.  I keep the sliding door to the entry hall closed to keep the AC upstairs.  I always use the back stair my self and had not had any guests for a while so had not been in the entry hall.  Went down the front stairs this morning and had a very bad problem.  I knew there had been a leak in my attic, which my roofer had been unable to fix, but I was astounded to find several ceiling tiles in the entry hall soaked and hanging at various angles.  Since I did not know what else to do, went on to Church and called a friend here in town who has worked on old houses.  He came over and looked at the whole mess and thought he could fix it.  After the various leaks are fixed, then we will need to deal with the ceiling.  I am upset that this problem has gone on for well over two years.

Checked my garden and found that the tomatoes had really grown since I looked at them last.  The tomato crates had to go in, mowed, weeded and sweated!

I do hope you had a good holiday.  Enjoy the summer weather.  Scatter Kindness.

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