Plymouth Area News for the week of July 1st, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


On Monday I finally got to Quincy to stock up the antique mall.  Also shopped Aldi’s as the Macomb Aldi’s is currently closed for construction.  Should be a big help to the other grocery stores in the area.

Tuesday we had a storm in Plymouth-imagine that.  Dylan and Kayla McCurdy lost a really large limb off their favorite tree.  It was very close to the house and took off a bit of gutter, crossed over the patio at the back of the house and brushed their truck.  Could have been so much worse.  They are going to wait and see how the rest of the tree fares.  Hopefully it will live.  We also got some hail along with the rain.  I now know that Harold does not like hail.  He came running to me and wanted to be safe.  Smokey also came running so put them in their kitty shed for safety.  Harold is a changed kitty since he was gone for over a week.  He comes when I call him and does not try to stay just out of reach as he used to.  Did notice that while I was doing lawn work today that he entered two different culverts in my yard.  Later he came out the other end.  That could be dangerous if they happened to have debris in them.  Also on Tuesday I went to renew my driver’s license in Macomb.  I decided I might as well get a real ID as the cost was no more and perhaps I will need it in the future.   Had to take a driving test which was a surprise but was no problem.  The lady was very nice and there was no wait which was good as I had to get home to open the store.

Connie Heitman and Donna Holmes stopped by the store on Wednesday. Have mowed at the yard several times this week.  Am trying to use a bagging mower so that I can use the grass clippings for mulch.  The grass is always so wet that I cannot mow much before having to empty the bag.

Got a hair cut in Augusta on Friday morning.  The shop has moved into the new building at the stop sign in Augusta which was built as an insurance office.  The building is very nice and roomy.  Should be a really good fit for the ladies.  While in Augusta, decided that I should have a nice breakfast at the Farm Table.  Got a call to open the store early so did so.  Am always happy to do that if I am near Plymouth.  The gentleman bought a lot of granite ware.  Thank You.

Saturday I went to the Bluegrass Auction in Keokuk.  As there are few auctions now, many people I knew were also there.  Got some things for the store.  Seem to talk about eating a lot-went to a new restaurant in Keokuk, the Peking Buffet.  It was great!  Went at an off time and did  not expect the food to be fresh but it was.  Was very pleased with the restaurant.

Sunday was church, eating with fellow church members in Camp Point then more lawn work.  We missed another storm tonight.  The wind came up but one could see that the storm went east of Plymouth.  There were some awesome cloud photos on face book taken east of Cuba if I remember correctly.  Matt and Stan Dixon put some great photos on face book.

This week, we celebrate the birthday of our Nation.  Hope you have a safe holiday.  Scatter Kindness.

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