Plymouth Area News for the week of July 25th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Would like to remind all school age children and their parents in the Southeastern School district that the Backpack Project will happen at the Living Faith United Methodist Church on Sunday, August 7th from 2-4 pm.  Back packs and school supplies will be provided for all grades and all students attending Southeastern Schools.  Many people and organizations support this project including a Penny Power Grant form Adams Electric Coop.
The Hancock County Fair was this week, July 20-23 at the fairgrounds in Augusta.  I am sure it was especially difficult for all those responsible for putting on the fair.  It always rains during the fair, but did a really impressive job this year with rain not once but two times.  Much work had to be done on the arena just to make the events possible.  During the time that entries were to be made on Tuesday evening, there was a heavy down pour which I am sure deterred many from bringing their project to the fair.  I enjoy the fair and am grateful for all the hard work done by those help with the event.  On Friday evening there was a bull riding event.  I hope that a young man from Plymouth will not mind when I tell you that he entered the event.  I cannot believe the courage it must have taken to get on the back of a huge bull and try to stay there for 8 seconds.  Good job, I am proud of you for trying.
Monday I spent unloading the van from 3rd Sunday Market.  That is a job even when the temperature is not in the 90’s.  Got it mostly done and had just a few things to remove Tuesday before I picked things to show at the fair and loaded them into the van.
There was a meeting to discuss various ways to Save the Community Center on Wednesday evening.  From the attendance, there seems to be very little interest in saving the building.  Difficult to see a whole community just sit back and expect someone else to take on all the responsibility.
Would like to congratulate two new home owners in Plymouth.  If you take the Hancock County paper, you already know that there are many items of interest in it.  I always read the real estate transfers and the arrests!  This week I noted that Zack Evans and Sam Meek had both purchased homes.  Nice to see younger people buying homes in Plymouth.  Home ownership is important because it seems if people own instead of rent that they are more likely to keep up the property.  Congratulations Sam and Zack.  There are other homes for sale in Plymouth and as I mentioned last week, my neighbors are selling their home at auction on Thursday at 4 pm.  Doubt that there will be a lot of potential buyers and expect it to go cheaply.
Brick Wall Pizza has had a lot of customers suggest that they open on Sunday so they are planning to be open on Friday and Saturday nights from 4-10 pm as usual and will also be open Sunday from 11-6 pm.  Come out and enjoy a pizza!
According to my rain gage we had a total of 2.25 inches of rain on Tuesday and Thursday. 
Had meetings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  Came home after the Thursday meeting and tried to mow a bit of my yard.  Almost melted into a puddle.  Matt Lingenfelter saw me and came over with his huge rider.  Thank you Matt.
Am sure you have noticed that it has been hot this week.  I expect these temperatures in August but not in July.  With all the rain, the grass is growing like it is spring but it is difficult to mow without having problems in the heat.  Hope everyone will be considerate if yards get a bit higher than normal.
Hope you have a good week.  Again I ask that you buck the norm right now and be kind to others.  Scatter Kindness.
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