Plymouth Area News for the week of August 1st, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Just a reminder that book bags and school supplies will be available at Living Faith United Methodist Church in Bowen on Sunday, August 7th from 2-4 pm.  School supplies are free for all students in the Southeastern School District.
Had a SPRC meeting on Monday evening.  Some how I have become secretary for this group too so now I have notes not written from two groups at the moment.
Took a day off on Wednesday to take some things to the recycle center in Quincy and to restock my booth in Sullivan’s Antiques and More.  Of course I was also able to squeeze in a trip to the Golden Corral.  Again just a great place to eat!
Thursday employees from Ameren stopped by to work on my gas meter.  Said that service was not interrupted.  Also said that it was not working right when I talked to them.
Attended the auction of the Jack Weaver property which adjoins my yard on Thursday.  Was surprised by the large crowd which was present.  The house brought 13,000 dollars and was purchased by Kim Drake who plans to use it as a rental property.  Surely hope I get good neighbors when they get it all ready to rent.  Nice large lawn but needs a lot of clean up as there are lots and lots of rocks around the trees and decorative fences that are in poor condition.
Last week I discovered chicken livers at the Buss Stop.  They were so good that I went back this Thursday.  Judy and Dennis Gordy were there having chicken with their family and asked me to join them.  Nice dinner and nice to eat with friends.  They said they have chicken there every Thursday so may join the Gordy’s again.  Thanks!
Thursday through Sunday was an Emmaus Weekend in Quincy.  Pastor Dave, Cameron Fleener and Trevor Swisegood were on the Walk.  Dennis and Carol Rankin, Jo Webster, Jeff Phelps, Lisa Hermann, Tammy Bigley and I attended the candle light on Saturday and several of us returned for the closing ceremony on Sunday.  The walk participants plus those already mentioned and Curt Eddington, Shane Fleener and Tim Clark had dinner at Sprouts in Quincy on Sunday evening.  A Walk can be a very moving experience for those who participate.  If you would like to know more, you may ask any of us. 
Pastor Jeff Rache spoke at Living Faith on Sunday.  He is a inspirational speaker and it was nice to have him give the message.  He works at Chaddock which will have the official opening of the new school on August 14th.  Quite an accomplishment for the students.
Brick Wall Pizza is now open on Sundays.  Hours are 4-10 pm on Friday and Saturday and 11-6 on Sunday.  Dylan promised a pizza buffet with salad for next Sunday. 
Watched both political conventions as I wanted to see what was said.  There is certainly a difference in candidates this year.  Actually pretty scary.
Hope you have a good week.  Be kind and patient with those around you.  You do not know what others are dealing with in their lives.  Scatter Kindness.
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