Plymouth Area News for the week of August 8th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

There will be no 2nd Saturday Breakfast this month.  Will keep you informed on future events for Plymouth Pride.
Wow it was a busy day for the Back Pack Project.  As you probably know the Living Faith United Methodist Church in Bowen with the help on many other people and organizations has been sponsoring a back pack and school supply give away at the church.  Over the years we have learned a lot-like one does not need or want to do the event for two days.  It needs to be well organized and not all people can pick up supplies at the same time!  We now register families, give them a number and ask them to have a seat in the church building.  With excellent help from the Southeastern FFA and NHS, we then call the families in order and a student helper takes each child and their list of school supplies and fills as much of it as they can.  We give away back packs, pencils, paper, rulers, compasses, scissors and much more.  We served nearly 100 families and approximately 230 students today.  Since this was quite a few more than last year, we ran out of some supplies.  We will try to do better next year.  It is really difficult to know just how many items to purchase as needs change every year.  Thank you to all who helped with the project both financially and in person and all those who came to help their children prepare for a new school year.
Stopped by AJ Johnson’s home to visit with her last Sunday.
The Plymouth Village Board meeting was Wednesday evening.  Though there were several bids to tear down three properties on Main street, all were rejected.  An awful lot of work has been done by some members of the Board to try to make the village a safer place.  Hopefully the Board will try once more to get those properties torn down before someone is hurt by falling debris. Right now our small town needs a lot of work and the mayor and board need to work together for the good of the village.
Went to Macomb to have my annual eye check.  Went to McDonalds afterward and a lady started talking to me.  Was not sure that I knew her.  She kept telling me what great things she had heard about me and how much I did for Western and on and on.  She then asked me if I still worked at Western.  Well I never worked at Western, so she had the wrong person all the time.  She finally said that she was sure I had done some good things too.  Sometimes it is just better to stop talking!
The Olympics started on Friday evening.  You can pretty much get full coverage on NBC or probably any device.  Love them and wish I had time to watch more.
Had a B&B guest on Friday evening.  Prince Harry was delighted as her husband was a vet and she seemed to love Harry.
Tried bar be que bacon pizza at Brick Wall Pizza last night.  It was great.  They had a buffet on Sunday.  They are now open Friday and Saturday from 4-10 pm and Sunday from 11-6 pm.
Bought the end of a couple of estates for the store.  Have been opening boxes and pricing all week.  Have more to do.  Fun to see what is in the boxes.  Was surprised to find about 20 Wade figures in a covered dish.  Wade figures were  made in England and are put in tea boxes.  They are small and look great in those type tray shadow boxes as they are mostly cute ceramic animals.
Old settlers is coming up August 26, 27th and 28th.  There is a schedule posted on my window or you may stop by and pick up a schedule.
Have a great week.  Keep your neighbors in your prayers.  We had many prayer requests at church today.  Scatter Kindness.
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