Plymouth Area News for the week of August 15th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Sorry that I missed letting you know that Sterling Winters passed away in Quincy.  He was a long time member of the Plymouth community and will be missed by family and friends.  Our sympathy to his family.
Also one of Ben and my close friends, Ralph Waller,  passed away last week and his funeral was on Friday in Macomb.  The Waller Brothers built many homes in the Macomb area.  They were responsible for Georgetown and Meadowbrook.  He also built Gentry Motor Company, our garage and our kitchen.  A really fine man who had so many health struggles near the end of his life.
As I told you last week, the back pack and school supply give away  at Living Faith United Methodist Church last Sunday was a huge success.  Many individuals, businesses and grants helped pay for the supplies.  Since it was such a  success, we are out of everything.  Since school is starting soon, school supplies will be on sale.  If you see nice back packs at very good prices, please consider purchasing some to donate for the 2017 project.  They can be left at the church and stored until next season.
Had several members of the Keokuk Arts Council at the store this week buying things to use in their workshops.  Thank you.
Plymouth Women’s Circle met on Wednesday at the PCCC.  We planned our dessert stand for Old Settlers.  Women’s Circle will have home made pie, cake and chocolate and vanilla ice cream for sale on Saturday on the east side of the Plymouth park.  Hostesses for the evening were Pat Phelps and Mel Dorethy.
Speaking of Old Settlers, the Plymouth American Legion will again host their great breakfast on Saturday morning at the Legion building on the west side of the Square.  Breakfast will be served from 7-10 am.  The cost is $7 for adults and $3 for children.  All proceeds will be used for upkeep of the building and other important projects of the Legion.
You may have noticed that there was not a 2nd Saturday Breakfast this week.  If you have peeked into the Community Center you will have noticed that a lot of work is going on there in preparation for the return of the students who meet the bus at the Center.  The old floor is once again seeing the “light of day” and is in great condition.  Hopefully there will also be a new coat of paint and new lighting.  The booths will be renovated and the area will be more open and light.  School starts on August 19th.
Very busy day today.  After attending church at Living Faith, headed to Quincy.  Worked in lunch at the Golden Corral.  Figured it would be packed but actually there were less people there than when I have been there for lunch.  The food there is just fabulous.  After lunch went to the ribbon cutting for the new Chaddock School.  After the ceremony all were allowed to look over the new building and enjoy refreshments.  Chaddock is so important to the area as it serves troubled students and gives a future to many children who once had little hope.  Congratulations on the new school.  Louis Reuschel was there and we shared an umbrella from the bright sun shine.  Also saw two of my former students from Central. Very happy to have been able to attend this important event for our area.
After the ribbon cutting, I headed over to the Emmaus closing.  Found that Barb Clem was on the Walk team.  Ruthanne Danielson, a long time friend, and Jessica Phelps were on the Walk.  Pastor Mark Smith from Colchester was part of the team and was wearing a bat man shirt complete with cape.  I am sure that there is a good story connected with that.  Always good to attend Emmaus related things.
Please keep your friends and neighbors in your thoughts and prayers.  As we age, we lose friends  and life can be very difficult-guess that is not just for us “older folks”.  Life should be about supporting each other and to help smooth the path for others.  Scatter Kindness.
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