Plymouth Area News for the week of August 22nd, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Our sympathy to the family of Virginia Demoss who passed this week.  She was one of the speakers when we had the Augusta Larger Parish which included Plymouth, Augusta and 5 other charges of the local Methodist Churches.
Tuesday workers for the village of Plymouth went around town cutting brush from the sidewalks.  Don’t remember this being done before.  Nice idea for those who use the walks.  Thank You.
Worked on mowing and weeding the yard quite a bit this week.  The grass is really growing for late in August.  It is not nice grass but rather water grass and buckhorn.  Good exercise however and I feel better after working in the yard.
Went to Macomb on Thursday morning to get food for the picnic basket at 3rd Sunday Market.  John Jeslis from Rushville came over to buy crystals for a “wedding cake” lamp frame which he had purchased.  Good to see him as it had been a while.
Also made it to the Buss Stop for chicken again on Thursday.  That is now a habit as the chicken livers are great and I understand the chicken is also.
Worked the food pantry at Living Faith United Methodist church for the last two weeks.  Do not work it often so is unusual to work two weeks in a row.  The food pantry is a service for  the residents of the Southeastern School District.
School started on Friday.  Am sure a lot of the students were happy to see their friends again.  Hope it is a wonderful school year for students and teachers alike.
Worked at loading the van all week for 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington.   As there was another huge market this weekend, Gold Rush in Rochester, there were less dealers than usual at Bloomington.  That meant we got to move into another area in the West Expo building.  Met some new “neighbors” and had a good time with them during slow sale periods.  Was close to David Moffett who I have known for years from shows and Bill and Mike, our regular “neighbors” were still very close to us.  Charles and Claudia Apt from LaHarpe are also close to us.  Really nice to visit with dealers and customers each show.  A friend from auctions, Jan Smith, came to the show for the first time.  I thought the lady with her looked familiar and it turned out to be one of my former students. 
The “antique show financial report” indicates that consumer confidence is up as we got several checks today-no credit cards however.  A really nice day so there were lots of customers at the show.
This week is Plymouth Old Settlers.  Old Settlers runs Friday through Sunday.  There is a schedule posted in my store window and schedules may be picked up at several places in town and there is a schedule in both the Scribe and the Hancock County paper.
The Legion is  hosting breakfast on Saturday morning at the Legion building on the west side of the Plymouth Square.  Think Brick Wall Pizza plans to be open extra hours during Old Settlers also.  The Plymouth Women’s Circle will have pie, cake and ice cream for sale on Saturday on the east side of the Square.  Be sure to come out and see the free entertainment and enjoy visiting with friends, many who return to Plymouth for the celebration.  Mary Bunney and Connie Fairchild will have a Forgotten Photos display at the Legion building also.  Not sure of the hours as they have not contacted me.
Have a great week.  Get out and enjoy the nice weather and Old Settlers.  Scatter Kindness.
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