Plymouth Area News for the week of August 29th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

The 131st Plymouth Old Settlers is in the books.  By all accounts, I think it was very successful.  I had a house full of guests.  They could not sit on the front porch, as my guests normally do, because I just had the porch redone and the paint was not dry enough to put the rockers back on.  Hope they enjoyed the gazebo instead.  There was a really good crowd for the entertainment.  There was a Little Miss and Mr contest on Friday evening along with a talent contest.  I was home baking pies during most of that.  Our Women’s group had a pie, cake and ice cream stand and sold all but 15 pieces of dessert.  Thank you all for enjoying dessert with us.  The Legion provided a great breakfast  on Saturday morning.  There were the usual parade, games, car show, and teen dance.    It rained during the night on Friday but held off all day Saturday.  I spent all day Saturday in the antique store so got to watch much of the activity even if I did not get to participate in it.  Thanks to all who stayed at the B&B and to those who shopped the store.  Thanks also to Mel Dorethy who stopped a huge food trailer from parking right in front of my open antique store on Saturday.  Do  love the vintage cars out in front of my store during Old Settlers.
My insurance company has lots of perks to try to keep one healthy.  One of them is sending a nurse to your home for a visit.  She came on Wednesday and we decided I was pretty healthy.
On Friday evening I was sitting in the Community Center waiting on my pizza and talking to a gentleman from Peoria.  He told me that he reads my column every week. I really appreciated that comment and it made my day.  Thank You!  Sometimes we just do not know if we are touching other people or not. 
Sunday we had a pot luck at Living Faith after services.  I was not sure I would survive the weekend let alone have time to fix food for a pot luck.  Remembered I had a pie in the freezer but one never knows how a frozen pie is going to be when thawed so I found that I also had a lot of fruit which I had purchased for my guests and took fresh fruit instead.  There was a lot of great food and as you all know, I love pot lucks!
Our church tries to do several mission projects.  I have mentioned the back pack project and the food pantry in past columns.  Right now we have a project to adopt youth in the school Dennis and Carol Rankin visited in Africa.  175 dollars pays all school expenses for one child to attend school for a year.  There are photos of the children who range in age from kindergarten to 7th grade.  Today several of us looked at the photos and decided which child we would like to assist in school.  I now have her photo on my frig and hope she has a successful school year.  Education is so very important to any person and certainly can make the difference between living and existing.  If you think this is something you might like to do and do not live here, just email me and we will work it out.
Brick Wall Pizza is open 4-10 pm Friday and Saturday and 4-8 pm on Sunday.  Brick Wall is located on the south east corner of the Community Center and you can enter from the street or through the Community Center.  People keep asking, so I keep writing about them.  Great Pizza!  They were even asked by the Jesse Keith Whitley band to make pizza for them and they now have an autographed pizza board on their wall.
My rain gage shows 3 inches of rain this weekend.  I checked the basement sump pumps and there is not even any water in the sump pump holes so it all soaked into the ground here.  So many people have had so much flooding and so much damage and we need to keep them in our prayers.  Also so much damage and loss of life in Italy.  Climate change is real and it is affecting our weather patterns.  Politicians can stick their heads in the sand but science is real-from a physics major.
Hope you have a good week.  Scatter Kindness.
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