Plymouth Area News for the week of September 5th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Our sympathy to the family of Joan Aleshire Ufkes who passed away on August 27th.  Joan was married to Leroy Ufkes who was a lawyer in Carthage.  Joan was the daughter of Lee and Frances Aleshire from Plymouth. 
The big news of the week for me would have to be my 55th high school reunion.  Guess it would not be too hard for you to look up so will just go ahead and tell you it was for the class of 1961.  Ours was the largest class to graduate from Colchester High School with a class of 57.  Several members of our class have passed on by now but many were at the reunion held on Saturday evening at the Spot Light Center in Colchester. One of our class mates, Jim Bennett, had not ever been to a reunion so I did not recognize him.  He lives in Kentucky.  Others members live in the area and I do see them frequently.  Was a very nice evening.  The meal was catered by Jeanette Clark and the food was great.  Thanks to the committee who did so much work for a successful reunion. 
Today, Sunday, Roger Hocker brought his truck and trailer with straw bales and several of us from the class rode in the annual Labor Day Parade.  Saw a few friends along the way and tossed some beads to them without the usual way of seeking them at  Mardi Gras!
As I have normally been set up at Argyle for the Labor Day weekend and was not this year, I stopped in uptown Colchester and watched the entertainment for a bit then had supper in the meal tent.  Ran into Sara Wood and went back to the Argyle neighborhood to look at one of her houses.  As I have mentioned before, my mother’s family was from the Argyle neighborhood and we belonged to the 4H clubs in the Argyle area.
Bought an estate from Colchester on Tuesday evening so I went on into Macomb to eat.  Got the awful news that the Ponderosa is closing on Monday, September 5th.  As that is normally where I eat when I go to Macomb, I will certainly miss that restaurant and many of the folks who work there.  One of the managers told me he is moving to Jacksonville to work at the Ponderosa there which is owned by the same person who owns Macomb.  Very sorry to see them close and the job losses for Macomb.
Monday workers from Custom Brick and Stone started work on the Community Center.  One Wednesday they pulled off work as the dumpster had not been delivered.  I drove to Mt Sterling and talked to Jennings on Thursday morning and the dumpster was delivered the same day.  Hopefully the workers will be back on the job after Labor Day.  The dumpster has been paid for by the Business Association and is not for public use.
Have been trying to mow lawn most every day.  The grass stays wet and I have a lot of grass clumps in my yard-looks a bit messy.
Friday morning I ran to Macomb to get some fruit for my B&B guests and to get some keys cut.  Keys seem to disappear around  here. 
Friday I got a call that there was a person named Eli calling me from my porch.  Eli turned out to be Eli Mullet, brother of Andy and he needed a place for their driver to stay so have had a driver for the Amish here for three nights as well as the guests who were already scheduled to come.  Nice people.
And then there was the labor Day celebration going on all weekend.  I drove to Argyle Park on Saturday morning to see who all were set up there.  Was told there was over 100 vendors and there was a great crowd of people.  Also drove out the the lake today after being in the parade and then going to visit with Dot Burdett.  The weather was grand.  There were a lot of food stands and it is always difficult to choose one but decided on the Macomb Elks stand on Saturday morning.  Miss setting up out there but since I sold the big white truck, it is just not practical to do so.  I do get quite a bit of traffic from the Colchester celebration who stop by my store after visiting  there.  Good traffic at the store especially on Saturday afternoon.  One gentleman stopped by who was excited about Plymouth and thought he would like to live here.  I immediately liked him!
Think it is time to call it a day as I will open the store on Monday to catch more traffic coming through from Argyle.
Hope you had a great labor Day weekend and that you have a good week ahead.  Scatter Kindness.
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