Plymouth Area News for the week of July 2nd, 2018 by Joyce Steiner

Congratulations to Randallyn Smith and Dallas Norman on their marriage on Saturday at the PCCC.  May you have many wonderful years of marriage.
Ashley Hill and Colton Eddington will be married next Saturday at Living Faith United Methodist Church.
Bob and Linda Bradshaw will celebrate their golden anniversary next Sunday at Living Faith.  How nice to begin the “news” with good news!
Had a call to look at an estate so did that on Monday evening.  Now that Sullivan and Son has closed will need to do more buying privately.  There were many things I could fit into my van so bought many pieces of stoneware, a couple of churns, a small showcase, some marbles and more.  Then I referred the family to an auction house as I could not buy the entire estate.  Thanks so much for the call.  I do appraisals and do buy small estates.
On Tuesday, the Plymouth Women’s Circle sponsored a Red Cross blood drive at the PCCC.  Thanks to all who helped and all who gave blood.  The turn out was very small.  Our community can do better.  Blood is in short supply.  Won’t you consider giving the next time there is a blood drive in our area.
Thursday morning I tried to mow behind the antique store and my mower died and would not restart.  There was a plot plowed for a garden and the plowing turned up a lot of bricks and stones which makes the area very difficult to mow.  Will try again this week.
Thursday was an eventful day in several ways.  We had our daily storm and the power went out about 3 pm.  Also took down a big limb in my yard.  The power still had not come back on when I closed the store so decided to go to Augusta for supper if they had power.  I think the power came on shortly after I got to Augusta so stopped by the Buss Stop for dinner as did Bruce Morton and Dennis and Judy Gordy.  Enjoyed dining with them.  Will tell you how I used the left over chicken breast in a minute.  The Buss Stop was so busy that they were having trouble taking care of the meals for everyone.  Noted that KD’s Coop had just closed after the outage.
Always looking for a good, quick meal.  Brick Wall’s barbecue chicken pizza was my favorite.  I bought some Naan flat bread at Aldi.  I buy Sweet Baby Ray’s honey barbecue sauce.  I spread the barbecue sauce on the flat bread, added the chopped chicken breast, added two chopped green onions and put mozzarella cheese over all.  Baked it at 400 degrees for 7 minutes or until the cheese was melted as the rest was already cooked.  It was great!
Think I will try ham and pineapple next as there are four flat breads in one package and I have some left over sliced  ham.
Second easy recipe.  Put almost equal parts of fresh strawberries, fresh blue berries and miniature marshmallows for a patriotic and good fruit salad.  I add no sugar as the marshmallows are fairly sweet.  Seems to go over well at potlucks or just eat it yourself!
Have a great week.  Enjoy the 4th of July.  Though many enjoy fireworks, try to be considerate of those around you  with PTSD who may have trouble with loud noises and many pets are also afraid of loud noises.  Scatter Kindness.
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