Plymouth Area News for the week of June 25th, 2018 by Joyce Steiner

Will Sullivan now has an office in Carthage.  It is on the north west corner of the Carthage Square.  Talked to Chad Thompson and think they are still trying to work out just where to go from here.  Certainly will miss Sullivan and Son Auctions.  Best of luck to every one.
Saturday the Collectors of Illinois Pottery and Stoneware had a swap meet on the Monmouth Square.  Now you may not be excited about stoneware but you would be surprised how many people really are.  Many people filled their vehicles with stoneware, traveled to Monmouth and backed their vehicle into a parking space and opened the tail gate, trunk or what ever.  It is amazing how much stuff one can get in a VW beetle.  Came home with less than I took but also came home with a new tiny yellow ware bowl and another bird house.  We had a Board meeting while there and then many of us went to Vermont, IL to Ray and Kathy Goodell’s home for fine food and more talk about stoneware.  I think there were people from either 6 or 7 states for the swap meet.
Sunday, the Gould’s gave the morning worship service at Living Faith in Bowen.  Enjoyed them very much.  Have spent quite a bit of time with the Chosen Ones from Manchester, IL and the Gould’s are similar.  The group is composed of  the father and two of his daughters with the mother running the sound system.  If you get a chance to hear them, go.  They are from Joplin, MO.  There was also a pot luck following the service but those of us from Plymouth could not stay as we were serving the Carle reunion at the PCCC.  The Carle family are always so nice to serve and they tell us just how much they enjoy the food which we prepare for them.  When it was time for the helpers to eat, one gentleman got chairs for us and another served us drinks.  Thanks to all who helped, who prepared the food, who came to eat the food and for the fellowship and friendship.
As most of you know by now, Virginia Metzger left a trust for the good of the Village of Plymouth.  The Village Board has picked Chad Griswold, Marilyn Porter and Randy Smith (son of Phyllis and Richard) as the persons to decide how the income from the trust is to be used.  Virginia wanted the funds to be used for the benefit of ALL the residents of Plymouth.  It is my understanding that Virginia was not happy with the condition of Plymouth at  present.  I would like to suggest that any resident of Plymouth who has an idea that would benefit all, give that idea to one of the three persons mentioned.  There are so many things that Plymouth needs.  We need to have people come to Plymouth to eat, shop, use the bank, the mini mart, the post office, buy antiques and more.  In order to attract people to Plymouth, the first thing we need to do is CLEAN UP Plymouth.  The Square looks just awful.  We have falling down buildings on two sides of the Square and some lawns and buildings that need to be cleaned up or torn down.  Our first goal should be to have an attractive town that people will want to come and visit and even want to move here.  There are many long term projects that would improve Plymouth like sidewalks, new buildings, a new water tower, a skate board park, but first we need to clean up Plymouth!
Have a good week.  Celebrate life and be kind. 
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