Plymouth Area News for the week of June 17th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Needed  plants because I was finally able to till a bit of garden last Sunday afternoon.  Bob Kessler, across from Rhodes Mini Mart, has a lot of tomato  and other vegetable plants.  Then stopped by again and got a dozen geranium plants to plant up town in the barrels at the antique stores.  If you still need some bedding plants, please stop by and get them in Plymouth.  They are very reasonable.  The also have some lovely hanging baskets.

Stopped by an office in Macomb and found Suzanne Boussaard working there. Many of you will remember her late husband, Ed, was pastor in Augusta and is buried in the newer Augusta cemetery.  Was good to see her.

The Living Faith Church in Bowen served the Hancock County Retired Teachers on Monday evening.  The meal was prepared by members of the Church and was great.  Enjoyed it all.  The speaker was from Nauvoo and told quite a lot about two museums in Nauvoo as well as sharing some Nauvoo blue cheese, fudge and  wine with us.

Tuesday I began loading boxes for 3rd Sunday Market and continued that Wednesday and Thursday.  Absolutely amazing just how much stuff one can get in a Caravan if they pack well.  Get about 14 banana boxes, furniture, quilts, stoneware, cast iron and more in just one load.

Babe Hiland stopped by the store on Tuesday.  Always good to see her and she helps me when I am gone to shows.  We both have enjoyed going through photos I have received from the Virginia Metzger Estate.  Am delighted to have photos of the first Metzger to come to Plymouth, Philip and his wife.  They came in the mid 1800’s.  There are also photos of my house and its builder, Henry Metzger.  Henry was Virginias grandfather and John was her father.  So glad to have the photos as I have an interest in the Metzger history here in Plymouth.

Plymouth has clean up days each trash day in June.  You still have two more opportunities to clean up your property and put the refuse out with your regular trash on Fridays.  Did some cleaning in my garage this week.  Put some flower pots out on the curb which I hoped someone would pick up and use.  Flowers add so much to our lives.

Went to Macomb on Thursday evening to get some groceries for 3rd Sunday.   There were signs everywhere in Macomb urging that Jack Thomas, the president of Western Illinois University to be fired for the good of Macomb and Western.  He resigned on Friday and wrote a lengthy resignation letter siting “all the good things he had done for Western”.   Certainly hope that the university gets things turned around for the good of the area.  The college and its students are very important for the whole areas’ economy.  I think many have received an excellent education there.  The have a very good law enforcement program as well as nursing in addition to the regular curriculum we think of universities offering.

Headed to Bloomington early Saturday morning.  Drove through gentle rain most of the way but it stopped in time for us to unload and move into the building.  Got set up and did some shopping and got a few things for the store.  Saturday night was a little too exciting.  When we returned from dinner, found the hotel in lock down.  Eventually learned that there was a gentleman sleeping in the weeds near the hotel.  We immediately worried about his health, but found that the police had checked him out and that he was OK but very intoxicated and they said that they could not force him to vacate the property.  Found that we had parked near him, so moved the car.  Later I was wakened by a severe wind and rain storm.  Learned that one of the gate keepers at the show had photographed a small tornado near the fair grounds.  Saw some tents blown over which is not uncommon when we have high winds.  Actually that was a bit more excitement than I wanted.  Got packed out and home safely.  Always enjoy 3rd Sunday.  If you don’t want to go to the gym to get a workout, just do antique shows.  One gets plenty of exercise and lifting weights packing, loading, unloading, setting up, tearing down and reloading then unpacking and returning things to their places in the shop.  Just one time, I would like to sell out the whole booth!  Think I would retire if that happened because that would be hard to top.

Hope all you men out there had a great Father’s Day and that you got to do something which you enjoy.  Scatter Kindness.


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