Plymouth Area News for the week of June 10th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Finally it seems to have quit raining every day.  I see a lot of farmers in the fields planting their crops though I still see a lot of fields not planted.  Please watch out for farm equipment on the roads.  The machines are really wide and can’t help filling most of the width of a lot of the black top roads.  Slow down and move over.

Much of my week was spent in Peoria at the Methodist Church Conference.  It was held at the Peoria Civic Center.  I believe there were about 800 delegates from the lower two thirds of Illinois.  Clergy, both active and retired, attend as well as delegates from each church.  Living Faith had four delegates- Pastor Sheri Renner, Chris Foster, Carol Rankin and Joyce Steiner.  Carol Rankin actually attends as she is on some committees for the conference.  It is an interesting three days.  We get to hear the best of the best preaching, wonderful music and some great videos.  I also enjoy getting to see former pastors of our churches.  Pastor Bruce Weiman works very hard at conference keeping the sound and video systems up and running.  They did a great job this year.  He was pastor at Living Faith.  Also got to see Larry Moreau who was a pastor at Plymouth many years ago.  He was a special friend to my husband, Ben.  We also attended several break out sessions dealing with our missions to Africa and our support of children’s homes including Chaddock in Quincy.  I attended one session honoring anniversaries of some of our churches and there was one celebrating it’s 200th anniversary.  Just wow!

Sorry that I cannot report on the Plymouth Village Board meeting which was on Wednesday, but I was on my way to Peoria during the meeting.  Perhaps I can find out what went on and tell you next week.

Attended the monthly Democrat meeting in Carthage on Monday evening.  We heard from an intern for Dick Durbin.  The meetings are always well attended.

Actually got the boxwoods along the front walk trimmed and cleaned up.  One can now get to the front door.  Now need to do the ones on the east side of house.

Always put in some garden, so got out the very long extension cord and the baby electric tiller and tilled a plot for tomatoes.  Afraid that is all I will get planted this year.  Have some lettuce and beets in big black tubs but the spinach did not come up.  Hopefully some of my neighbors will have some vegetables for sale this summer as I love fresh vegetables.

Would seem that there is not a lot of news this week.  Actually I think that is good news!

In honor of John Wesley and Methodism will end with a quote I use fairly often.  “Do no harm, do good, stay in love with God”.  Doing no harm is so important.  Scatter Kindness.


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