Plymouth Area News for the week of June 3rd, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Ruthanne Danielson asked that I let you know that Hills Grove Methodist Church will be having their homecoming celebration on June 23rd.  Worship will begin at 9:15 followed by worship at 10:15 and a pot luck lunch at 12:15.  Everyone is invited for the homecoming and fellowship.

Thanks again to the Plymouth American Legion for hosting the Memorial Day Service on Monday.  Also a big thanks for inviting the community to the pot luck lunch.

Heard an ambulance come into Plymouth on Tuesday.  Bruce Eddington had four bypasses in Quincy and continues to do well.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

The big news right now is all the rain and the flooding.  All the rain has made it impossible for the farmers to plant.  I counted four fields planted between Plymouth and Bowen on the way to church this morning.  That is really sad.  Keep our farmer friends and neighbors in your thoughts and pray that they can soon get their crops planted.  We have to remember that this not only affects the farmers but their support such as elevators, fertilizer plants, seed stores, tractor supply stores, and all the other businesses that farmers support.  This is a very serious situation.

Have spent hours mowing and weeding this week.  I am sure that none of us is really able to keep up with the grass and weeds.  Though the crops are not in the ground to grow, all the rain certainly is making everything else shoot up.

As you can imagine, I read a lot as well as try to write.  One of the periodicals which I read is called “Bottom Line Personal”.  It is a small magazine that touches on many topics of interest.  This quote stood out to me this week.  “There’s a similar moral matrix we all share.  When it comes down to it, there are seven universal values-helping your family, helping your group, dividing resources fairly, respecting property, being brave, returning favors and respecting your superiors/elders.”  Right now the world has a problem with dividing resources fairly.  The gap between the few richest people and the rest of the people is getting wider.  Everyone should be able to find a job that pays enough to support a family without having to have two or three jobs.  However it is also up to the individual to make sure that they have the skills needed to hold a good job.  Education and hard work are important.  We can not expect to be paid 15 or 20 dollars per hour if we have no skills and are not willing to put in a days’ worth of effort.  The other one that seems to be a problem, at least in Plymouth, is respecting others property.  Many in my neighborhood have had to install security cameras.  Several gas cans went missing this past week.  My large carved bear disappeared.  Someone has been in my garage.  Some neighbor children have not been taught that there are boundaries  for their behavior or respect for others and their property.

I do hope you enjoyed today, Sunday.  The weather was perfect.  It did not rain.  After church and lunch, I resisted the temptation to nap and instead worked in the yard.  Got another flower bed weeded, the maple tress pulled out of the English ivy in front of the house and a lot of my boxwoods trimmed.  Now if I just had the energy to clean up all the trimmings!

Have a good week.  Do an anti-rain dance.  Pray that more of the levies do not fail.

Scatter Kindness.

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