Plymouth Area News for the week of May 27th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Bruce Morton, local artist from Bowen, had three entries accepted in the Biennial Quad-State Exhibit which was held in Quincy.  Two hundred seventy works were entered and one hundred were chosen to be in the exhibit.  Bruce entered three art pieces and all were selected to be exhibited.  Bruce won second place with a photo of “Brian” and also won “local artist” as well as an honorable mention for his work “Prairie 016”.  Congratulations to Bruce.  The art will be on display at the Quincy Arts Center until June 29th from 9 am to 4 pm.

Monday evening there was a meeting of the Staff Pastor Parish Relations committee of Living Faith.  We went over an evaluation of our Pastor.  I did some book work from the 3rd Sunday market but waited to start unloading until Tuesday.

Had three special B&B guests on Wednesday evening.  Though I make it a policy to not mention names of guests, I asked if I might make an exception in this case.  Mary Jane Hendricks Gibson and two of her nieces came to Plymouth.  They lived here in the past and knew so many people I either know or have heard about.  We all sat and talked about the Metzger family.  She actually knew John and Mae Metzger and their daughter Virginia.  It was so interesting to learn more about them. Also learned more about “Ellen’s”.  Mother Nature aided me in showing the family “something special”.  We had tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings for quite a long period on Wednesday, so we all spent quite a bit of time in my basement.  We were joined by Kayla, Dylan and Maggie McCurdy.  Fortunately Plymouth was spared the brunt of the storm again and we were all able to get some sleep eventually.

Thursday we enjoyed more conversation and the nieces came to the antique store to shop.  Enjoyed the visit very much and hope they will all be able to visit Plymouth again though I will not promise another basement visit when they do.

Though there is a sign that Aldi’s will be open during their remodel, they are closing for about six weeks.  They are closing down there freezer this week so I stocked up on some meat and vegetables to tide me over.

Friday was another busy weather day.  We had tornado warning around noon and one hit near Industry.  Thought that the weather siren had gone off but realized it was just the noon whistle.  If we must have tornado warnings, I prefer them in the daylight when we can actually see the storm and besides the vault at the store is the safest place in town during a storm.

Was doing lawn work Friday evening when a white van stopped in front of the house.  Eventually went to the van to see if I could help and found a gentleman who was in need of a room.  He had driven some Amish down from Missouri for the Kemp auction on Saturday.  I made a bed up for him and showed him the basement as there were more storm warnings.

Turns out I had about a dozen people from Missouri stop by the store on Saturday, all of whom had come for the auction.  It got to be a joke as four separate people asked for the same piece of equipment, a hay trolley.  The second person to ask, bought it and the others were disappointed.

Saturday evening I tried to put flowers on family graves.  Argyle was a bit wet but doable.  Colchester, where my family is buried, was Ok.  Then I tried to do Macomb and much of the cemetery was underwater.  So sad to see water standing in top of grave markers.  Had to give that one up.

Spent a lot of nervous time in front of the TV again on Saturday evening because of storm warnings.

I know we would all like for this weather pattern to change.  I am so sorry for the farmers who cannot get their crops in or those who have crops in which are under water.  No matter what our situation may be, there is always someone in much more difficult straights.  Pray for them.

I have reminded everyone to look out for farm machinery on the road.  Understand there was a gentleman from Macomb killed when his tractor was hit by a semi.  In many areas here, one also needs to be vigilant for Amish buggies.

Pray for your neighbors and for an end to the daily storms and rain.  Keep in mind the meaning of Memorial Day and that it is just not a “day off work”.  Scatter Kindness.


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