Plymouth Area News for the week of May 20th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


This week the world said good by to someone whose star did not burn nearly long enough.  Grumpy Cat had to be one of our all time  favorites.  His face could just not help but bring a smile to everyone.   I believe he was only nine years old, quite young for a kitty.  Hopefully he had a son or daughter that can continue his legacy and “good looks”.

Hancock County Retired Teachers will meet Monday, June 11th at 5:30 pm at Living Faith United Methodist Church.  The program will be on the Rheinberger Museum which is located in Nauvoo.  Call 319 795 9350 for reservations.

Freddie Hoelscher planted some of his strawberry plants uptown behind his building.  Spent some time weeding the plants this week.  Trying to keep a small piece of Freddie’s memory alive.

There was a Red Cross blood drive in Colchester on Tuesday.  Thinking that Colchester is a lot closer than some of the drives in Hancock County,  I went to give.  I was very sad to learn that from 1 to 6 pm, they collected 5 pints of blood.  Another donor was Ruthanne Danielson from Carthage.  Really sorry to find that there was such a small turn out for a very important event.  What would you do if you needed blood and there was none available.

The gentleman who worked with me through the process and drew my blood was named Cameron.   Learned that we were both losing height but that his was due to a motorcycle accident.  He was very good at his job-hopefully we will see him again soon at another Red Cross drive.

Spent much of the week mowing and weeding.  Have not succeeded in keeping up with either.

Also spent quite a bit of time sorting and loading the shiny red van this week.  Plymouth Rock Antiques goes on the road to do antique shows about once a month.  Today was 3rd Sunday market in Bloomington.  The weather app on my phone looked ominous quite a bit of the weekend but Bloomington seemed to be very lucky in that regard.  Had a good time, if loading, unloading, setting up a display, then selling, reloading and driving two and half hours home is your idea of a good time.  Actually it is for me.  I love seeing my “antique” friends.  Love spending time with my niece, Marcella Hardin, who helps me.  We have a great dinner at a restaurant that serves all kinds of wonderful food.  And with luck, we even sell enough to help keep the store in Plymouth going.  We talk to a lot of people and pass out a number of business cards which brings people to Plymouth to shop.

My last evening ritual of the day is to put my latest three kitties to bed.  I call Smokey, Beauty and Herald to come.  Smokey and Beauty come and I pick up Smokey and carry him and Beauty either leads or follows and goes into their garden shed where I feed and water them.  In his good time, Herald shows up.  He then stays a couple of feet ahead of me while I try to catch him.  He may climb a tree or two, hide behind a plant or a tree then when he thinks I may really leave him out for the night, he stops and lays down and “allows” me to pick him up and carry him to bed too.  I know he enjoys the bed time game ritual.

Hope you had a good week.  Stay safe and Scatter Kindness.

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