Plymouth Area News for the week of May 13th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Many of you have heard of the gospel group “The Chosen Ones”.  I have gone on their Branson trip for seven years.  I was very saddened to get a message last Sunday that Mike Rueter, one of the founders of the group, had passed away suddenly.  The Rueters are a great family and Mike was such a brightly shining light to all he met and for the Lord.  Our sympathy to his family and his thousands of friends.  So very sorry to hear.

Was a very busy week at Plymouth Rock Roost B&B.  I had reservations for Wednesday through Friday nights.  On Tuesday, I got a call asking if I had a room for Tuesday.  As the house was fairly clean and the beds made for the expected guests, I said that I did.  Turns out that there was a wedding in the Amish community and this driver had come in a day earlier than my expected Amish driver.  He stayed for three days and another driver stayed for two.  I have to tell you a bit about the second driver, Tina.  She had MS.  In 2008, she was unable to walk, had visited several doctors, had been prescribed thousands of dollars in medications and had basically been told to go home and prepare for the end of her life.  Instead she studied nutrition and changed what she ate.  She eats nothing with added sugars, she eats eggs, salads, avocados, celery and would eat fruit but she does not care for many fruits.  She is now driving for the Amish and doing very well.  Her brain scans show decreasing lesions in her brain with each scan.  Her doctor tells her to continue doing whatever she is doing and is amazed.  I spent a lot of time talking with her as I wanted to learn all I could from her.  Very nice person.  The fella who arrived on Tuesday had some fresh mushrooms.  He asked if he might cook them and offered to share them.  Now I am just not greedy enough to take someone’s mushrooms.  Also had a mother and daughter from WIU on Wednesday evening.  Seems moving out was a two day process.  When it was time for them to leave, they did not want to as they were enjoying the peace and quiet so much.  Am sure I will see them again.

The drivers left on Friday morning and I hurriedly changed all the beds as I had a full house on Friday evening.  That is also an interesting story.  The B&B was booked for graduation weekend at WIU.  One by one, every reservation cancelled.  Then a week or so ago I got a call asking if I had any rooms for Friday.  Said that I did if they could arrive before 5 pm.  She called family and they were so happy to have the whole house.  While I was waiting for her to return calling me after contacting her family, I had another call wanting rooms for Friday.  Any way, think there was a higher power involved.  All the room cancelled so I had the whole house for a family that was from Wisconsin.  They were lovely people and so very happy to find a place to stay all together.  And I was happy to have a place for them!  The graduate was receiving a master’s degree in music.  The family was able to spend time with her and her friends.  I think they had a great time.

The reason that I asked the guests to check in before 5 pm on Friday is that Donna Harrison had organized a group to attend the “Neil Diamond” concert at the Legacy Theater in Carthage.  Dennis and Carol Rankin, Sherry Shappell, Vickie Powell, Karen Janssen, Gerhard Jung, Linda Bradshaw, Jo Webster, Donna Harrison and I all enjoyed dinner together in Carthage then went to the concert.  The theater was packed.  Keith Allynn was the entertainer who was doing Neil Diamond songs.  He had performed in Branson for ten years and decided that rather than people having to come to Branson to see him, that he would go on the road to see people.  It was a nice evening.  Thanks to everyone for all the planning.

Rain, rain please go away for a while.  Had planned to mow a bit today but it rained all day.  I am so sorry for the farmers who cannot get their crops planted.  Please keep the farmers in your thoughts and prayers.  I really like to eat and without good crops, that is not possible.

Have a good week.  Pray for those who are ill, who have lost loved ones and those who cannot get into the fields.

Scatter Kindness.


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